CBBH Photo Challenge

There´s a British superstition which states that a person should say or repeat the word “rabbit” or “rabbits“, or say the phrase “white rabbits“, or some combination of these elements, out loud upon waking on the first day of the month, because doing so will ensure good luck for the duration of that month. (Source: wikipedia)

Well – how about joining together to make our own luck, by sharing a little blog love, each month?

Conejo Blanco BLOG HOP

There are some fantastic weekly photo challenges to get your creative juices flowing – Travel Theme, Sunday Post, Weekly Image of Life and, of course, the Weekly Photo Challenge, to name but a few.  My monthly photo challenge, the CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP (conejo blanco means white rabbit, in Spanish) also introduces the element of sharing links. 

 So, here´s how the CBBH Photo Challenge works:

  • On the first day of each month, I will provide a theme to inspire you to post your own interpretation.  Create your own blog post before the end of the month and entitle it “CBBH Photo Challenge: (subject of the month)”, providing a link to this blog so I´ll know you´re participating, and others can find it, too.

Grab a BLOG HOPPER button, if you like!

  • The difference between this and other photo challenges is that at the end of your post, you should introduce two links to any other blogs you have visited and, most importantly, that you have commented on, during the past month.  These links might be to someone who you are in regular contact with via your blog, a new blogger in need of some followers, or maybe a person who inspires or motivates you with their writing or photographs.
  • By choosing to participate, you also agree to read and comment on at least two other blogs taking part in the CBBH Photo Challenge.  That way, when we visit each other, we can HOP OVER to your links, connect with others and share a little blog love around!
  • Don´t forget to tag your entry ‘CBBH Photo Challenge’, and  follow this blog, East of Málaga, so you never miss out on the monthly CBBH Photo Challenge announcement.  You can sign up via the “follow me” link in the sidebar.


If you find your blog featured anywhere as a link, you will be entitled to grab the CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP Featured Me! BUTTON to display in your sidebar.

What do you think?  Want to hop on board?

[Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]

Themes for 2014

January: Street Art

February: Across the Rooftops

March: After the Rain

April: Full Circle

May: Looking Forward, Looking Back

June: Food

July: Flowers


Themes for 2013

January: Reflection

February:  View from an Aircraft

March: Framed

April:  Multi-coloured

May:  Knobs and Knockers

June:  Same Subject, Different time

July: I Spy with my Little Eye

August: Ancient and Modern

September: Pink

October: Pairs

November: Looking Down

December: Curves in Nature



Themes for 2012

August: Looking up

September: Repetition

October: Windows

November:  Blue

December: Simple Pleasures

139 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge

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    • Love the photos, Debbie. Russia is somewhere I keep meaning to get to, but haven’t managed it yet!

      Thanks for sharing two links – I really enjoyed visiting them both 🙂

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    • OH yes, it fit’s this month’s CBBH Photo theme of “Same Subject, Different Time” perfectly, Dianne. Did you see the link to the photos taken in a similar way to yours, on my blog? It’s an absolutely delightful and very precious family photograph. Thank you so much for sharing it with us

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    • Hi Lou

      OK, here’s how it works – You have responded to this page which is on a permanent tab on my blog. This is just the background information to how the CBBH monthly challenge works.

      On the 1st of each month I post the new challenge which appears on the HOME page of my blog.

      When people take part, they leave a comment on that post (next one will be dated 1st February) with a link to their post on their own blog (or you can click on their name within the comment). It’s probably best to look back to the current challenge REFLECTION and look in the comment section to get a better idea 🙂

      The MAIN difference between this and other challenges is that you should share links to two blogs that you enjoy and that you have commented on during the past month. That way, we can all visit your featured blogs to share a little blog love around.

      How does that sound, Lou?

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    • How busy you have been photographing a selection of “Your Life in Blue” 🙂

      I especially love the material you have sewn together for your quilting and the tag on your dog´s collar. Lovely!

      I´ve just HOPPED over to your two links, Scrapy. Two fine recommendations for us all, thank you. 🙂

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    • What a lovely entry, Gilly, which you have done perfectly. What artistic children they are!

      Thanks for introducing us to two blogs, both of which are new to me – so extra special. I love finding new blogs to visit, especially if they are recommended 🙂

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    • Hola Ana! I´m so pleased that you decided to join in this month. You certainly have done some travelling, haven´t you?

      I particularly love the window of the rural architecture in Carlos Keen, Argentina, with the lovely reflection through the window.

      Your links lead to two ladies whose blogs are well worth linking to – thanks for featuring them, Ana.

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    • Welcome on board – it´s never too late 😉

      What a lovely entry for this month´s challenge, Jennifer. Such a fascinating insight into the history of Hawaii and the stunning colours in the flowers and the canoe races! Of all your photographs, the one that captures my imagination the most is The Hawaii Lantern Floating festival – what a sight that must be to see!

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    • No, you´re not late, Lisa – you are just in the nick of time!

      Here´s how to put a CBBH Blog Hop image in your sidebar

      1) First, right click on the photo you want, and save it to your computer. There are a choice of three images on the page above.

      2) On your Dashboard, click Media – Add New, then upload the picture from your computer to your Media Library. When it has uploaded, click Edit then scroll down to File URL and highlight the address, right click and copy it.

      3) Next, on your Dashboard go to Appearance – Widgets. Under ‘Available Widgets’, scroll down until you see one entitled ‘Image’. Left click on it, keep the left click held down and drag it across to the primary widget/sidebar area in the top right, and let go of the left click to drop it there.

      4) In the Image widget box, left click on the text bar for Image URL then right click and paste the link you copied from your Media Library.

      5) At the bottom of the Image widget box, where it says ‘Link URL (when the image is clicked)’, add https://eastofmalaga.wordpress.com/conejo-blanco/ to link it back to here.

      6) If you don’t want any text with the picture click Save.

      7) If you do want text give the widget a title, put a caption if you want one, then click Save.

      8) Have a look at it by clicking on your Homepage and looking in your Sidebar.

      9) If the picture/button isn’t the right size for your blog, go back to the Image widget and adjust the numbers in the Width and Height boxes – increase or decrease them gradually to get it to look the way you want it to. I find that 260 x 219 is usually a good starting point.

      10) If you want to move the picture up or down in your sidebar, go back to Widgets, left click to pick it up and drag it up or down inside the primary widget area box, until it´s where you want it – then let go of the left mouse button and drop it.

      Some blog themes have extra areas to display widgets. Play around with the widgets and the widget areas on your blog – you won’t do any damage to your layout, if you don’t like a widget just drag it off and discard it in the Inactive Widget section.

      I know these instructions might look a bit complicated, but once you’ve done it once or twice it’s easy. If you need any further help, just give me a shout!

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  65. I’m sure I’d already commented on this but I seem to have disappeared! I misunderstood the focus of the CB BH and thought it was about writing. But now I’ve understood I’m going to wait till I’m back in Spain next Tuesday before setting out on a nice long walk to take an upwards-looking photo!

  66. One question Marianne.. upon my first reading of these instructions I thought you were saying we should provide links to bloggers participating in CBBH challenge, but now I get that it can be anyone? You also said that the link to this challenge shall be provided, is it covered if the title says what your post says CBBH challenge: Looking up for example, and the widget is included at the footer of the page, or there should be another link somewhere? Thank you. Saludos, Paula

    • First of all, your featured links can be to any other bloggers at all – where you have left a comment during the previous month. It´s just a way of introducing new blogs to each other. There is no requirement for those links to be taking part in the challenge.

      A link back to my blog at East of Malaga wouldn´t be made if you just titled your post CBBH Challenge: Looking Up – so please include a clickable link back, so that other people can find the challenge.

      There is no need to put the widget anywhere in your post unless, of course, you want to! 😉

      Hope that helps, Paula. 🙂


      • Pero mi widget ya esta alla ;), debajo de mis fotos en el fondo de la pagina, me parecia justo si ya tengo lo del postaday y de sunday post…ademas me traera buena suerte ;). Gracias Marianne…. Te visitare pronto… Todo entendido. Saludos!

  67. I think it is a great idea…I like that it is monthly as well…gives you time to come up with images and there isn’t too much pressure to get it done quick. I hope lots join in.

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  69. It struck me that the whole purpose of the “Blog Awards” system or “tagging” people – with their rules expecting recipients to “nominate” others – really boiled down to producing and providing links between our own blogs and those of others.

    And, let´s face it, we all want that, don´t we?

    I figured the CBBH Challenge would be a good way of introducing new blogs to each other, (a kind of “Blog Cocktail Party”, if you like), with the chance to comment and follow, but without the necessity of having to rack your brains to think of “25 fabulous moments in my life”; “what piece of advice I would retrospectively give to my teenage self”; “which celebrity I had a crush on” or “why I think I´m on this Earth”. (No disrespect intended to any awards/tags that demand answers to such questions).

    I want my blog to be about what I have chosen it to be about – East of Málaga – not to be distracted by answering questions about random and irrelevant subjects. After all, if people want to know about me, they can read my “About Me” page. This way, I can link to other blogs, yet still gear each of the Photo Challenges to fit in with my blog theme.

    Does that make sense?

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