Hark! Orange Trumpets herald the warm winter weather

PYROSTEGIA VENUSTA (Orange trumpet vine)Just look at this Orange Trumpet Creeper – sometimes known as the Flame Vine  (Botanic name: Pyrostegia Venusta; pyro = flame, stege = covering, venusta = pleasing).  

This particular magnificent flowering vine with it’s brilliant orange flowers can be found draped across Calle Carabeo in Nerja.    The Orange Trumpet Creeper is a vigorous evergreen climber which grows well in a warm climate, needing shelter from cold winds or frost.

As I wandered around Nerja in the warm sunshine, I discovered several examples of this spectacular plant.  You can see them in the gallery below.

I see these beautiful blooms every year, though for some reason haven’t stopped to take photos and really enjoy their beauty, before.  My new challenge: One Trip EVERY Month gave me the perfect opportunity to get out and about with my camera.

One trip EVERY month

Tell me where you are going this month that you’ve never got around to visiting before.

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58 thoughts on “Hark! Orange Trumpets herald the warm winter weather

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    • That link is fine Gilly – I haven’t written up my trip for this month yet.

      Titchfield Haven looks like the perfect place for respite from the UK storms.

      Stay safe and dry!

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  3. oh my gosh, just look at all that ORANGE!! so beautiful! and such lovely photos. I am going to “cheat” for this month’s trip. It’s not a place I’ve never gone, rather a place I try to get to during the cold winter months and we’re leaving shortly! So, I haven’t been in a year. I do have one other museum in mind that I’d like to go back to, haven’t been in probably 20 years. and since there seems to be no end in sight to our frigid weather, perhaps we’ll do that next weekend. a ver….if we go, I will just do another post if it’s alright with you 😉 Thanks for sharing such loveliness with the orange flowers. wow….

  4. Great pictures Marianne ! Planted one of these in the new garden last year, won’t see it until March, don’t think it will look quite so lush as these though ( if it’s not been blown away 🙂 )

    • Thanks Irving – I really appreciate you saying that.

      Father Christmas brought me a new Nikon D3200 – so that’s what I used for these shots. Prior to that (and still on the go because it fits into my handbag so easily) is my trusty Canon PowerShot SX 220HS 🙂

  5. I love this vine, Marianne, and had one in my previous residence – but I’m very allergic to it 😦

    Nowhere new for this this month, but I am going to the mall today (YAY) 😉

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