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Many people told me they were inspired by My Travel Reflections on 2013, when I described trips I had taken, month by month, during the past year.

It got me thinking that we all have places we’ve been meaning to visit somewhere, often locally, but for some reason or another, that trip has never happened.  Maybe it’s slipped our minds, or the next time we’ve been in the area we’ve been too busy to visit or had visitors with us.  

I’m not just talking about trips to other continents, countries or even regions.  A local trip can be just as exciting.  How about the little museum that people keep mentioning?  Or the park you keep forgetting to take your picnic to?

Well, no more excuses!

Next time you think of that place you’ve been meaning to go to – get out a pen and paper,  make a list and resolve to go and visit them in 2014.

How about we make the effort to take ONE TRIP EVERY MONTH and then tell each other all about it?

One Trip EVERY Month Logo

If you’d like to join me, here’s how:

  • Each month, visit somewhere and then write about your trip or describe it using photographs – whichever suits you best.
  • Don´t forget to title and tag your entry ’One Trip EVERY Month Challenge’, and link back to this page.
  • Display the Challenge logo on your post or in your sidebar.

Are you ready to join me by taking ONE TRIP EVERY MONTH?  What are you waiting for?  


Have you participated in this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge yet?  The theme is STREET ART


126 thoughts on “NEW CHALLENGE: One trip EVERY month

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    • Lovely photographs and thanks for sharing your trip with us, Amy.

      WOW! The longhorn cattle are pretty impressive, aren’t they? I had no idea that the cavalry were still in existence – I thought they were just in the old films, riding in to save everyone!!

      Sounds like a pretty impressive day and a wonderful way to enjoy the traditions and heritage.

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    • Avocado and Wine Festival – how wonderful! Looks like everyone had lots of fun! I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday – wow, one whole year since I was with you at the A&P Show! Time flies!

      Have fun in Auckland xx

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  30. Good idea… I’ll see what I can do. For the first half of the year, we have quite a bit happening involving trips away… I just have to come to terms with my smartphone camera not being as good as the previous… I must get over it soon… or go back to the point & click, and try to emulate your wonderful efforts.

    • I guess many of us have some trips planned throughout the year – it’s just making that extra effort to make sure to got to that extra little place we’d forgotten about, too 🙂

      I must admit, I never use a smartphone camera – it just never occurs to me. That’s my phone – and my camera’s my camera!! Silly me 🙂

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    • OOHHH … I’m sure you’ll make a trip SOMEWHERE before September, Dianne.

      Only the other day, I took a “trip” into the avocado orchard just below my house. I’ve lived here eight years and never been before …. it was wonderful! 🙂

      Near or far, it’s still a trip and all the more exciting if it’s a first visit. That’s the whole point of the new challenge – to get everyone thinking of a place to go.

      I’m sure you will enjoy reading about everyone’s trips, but I suspect you’ll soon be enjoying some of your own, too 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Dianne. Much appreciated.

  32. A great idea!

    “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
    Robert Louis Stevenson, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes

  33. This is an excellent challenge…just to be sure I’ve got it straight, we can define trip as someplace we’ve been meaining to visit locally and then FINALLY got there?
    I’m really looking forward to reading everyone’s submissions!

    • Sure …. just go SOMEWHERE each month – as near or as far away from your home as you like. All the more special if you’ve been meaning to go there for ages 🙂

      Should be fun!

    • First of all, congratulations on being the FIRST person to post in this new challenge 🙂

      That’s an interesting trip on the ferry to Eastbourne, and one didn’t know about, but which I shall take next time I’m in New Zealand (hopefully this time next year). Thanks for sharing it – and the hokey pokey ice-cream!

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  35. This is a fab idea. It’s going to be especially challenging for me because:
    1) I’m technologically “challenged” and have no idea how to go about getting your Challenge logo!
    2) My blog is about the super new vocab I learn, so on each trip I have to keep my ears open for fabulous Spanish words!
    I’m in!!

    • Yaay! That’s great 🙂

      OK, as far as posting the Challenge logo, what you have to do is download the small logo to your computer and then upload it to your post (or sidebar) as you would with any photo you post.

      If you have any problems, give me another shout 🙂

      Look forward to hearing about your trips and learning some new Spanish words too!

  36. Ha ha! I’m the first to ‘like’ this. And I do. I like this idea – haven’t seen it before, and I wouldn’t have thought of it myself. Thanks for the idea.

I´d love to hear from you, and much appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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