CBBH Photo Challenge: STREET ART

Street art in Malaga, Spain

In November, I featured some of the fabulous urban street art in the Soho district of Málaga – which proved to be a very popular post!

Since then, more murals have been commissioned by the city, including these two on the facade of the Colegio García Lorca.  The one the left is by British street artist D*Face whilst the other, (Peace and Liberty) comes from American contemporary street artist,  Shepard Fairey (aka OBEY).

There’s great street art in many cities around the world, so please share some with us in this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge: STREET ART.

Don’t forget that the CBBH Photo Challenge is a little different from some other challenges, in two ways.  First, it’s only once a month – giving you lots of time to consider your entry before the end of the calendar month.  Second, and most important, this is a BLOG HOP (after all, it is the CBBH – Conejo Blanco Blog Hop, meaning white rabbit in Spanish), so DON’T FORGET that in your post you need to add links to two blogs that you have visited and commented on during the past month.  That way, when we visit each other, we can HOP OVER to your links, connect with others and share a little blog love around!

Conejo Blanco BLOG HOP Photo Challenge

My Featured Blog Links for this month:

Casa Az provides an online scrapbook of daily events in the life the Queen of Tapas!  Canadian by birth, Shawn is a cancer survivor now living with her little friends in the Andalucían capital of Seville, where she conducts tapas tours for visitors to the city.

Caroline Angus Baker is a self-professed Duende-loving Kiwi novelist, commentator on modern and historical Spain and Spanish Civil War nerd, full of bullfighting praise.  She’s had a busy 2013, too!

I’d love to you pop along and say HOLA to both of these ladies.  Tell them Marianne sent you!

So that´s the CBBH Photo Challenge for January, everyone!

Remember, all you have to do is post your entry by the end of the month, tag your entry ‘CBBH Photo Challenge’,  link back to this blog and, most importantlydon´t forget to add links to any two blogs that you´ve commented on during the past month, so that we can all HOP OVER and have a look.  Make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you don´t miss next month´s exciting challenge!

For more information on how the CBBH Photo Challenge works click here.

I hope everyone taking part enjoys the exposure the CBBH Photo Challenge offers to featured blogs and, who knows, you may end up finding a new favourite!  I´m looking forward to seeing your interpretations.

[CBBH logo Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]


71 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: STREET ART

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  2. Hola, Marianne …
    Could you tell me where I can locate a few more hours in the day so I can keep on top of the many posts I’ve missed?
    I wanted to do this challenge so much but time had gotten away from me. I thought I’d add your challenge to this
    weeks Weekly challenge as one of my photo was a selfie of an artist at this Street Art festival.
    Thank you for hosting CCBH. I always enjoy the entries when I’m able to visit the other bloggers. I hope to visit some in the next few days.
    Happy Sunday !!!!!
    Isadora XOXO

    • Ah – a few more hours in the day?? Hmmmm … think we could all do with some of those sometimes, Issy!

      I’m so glad you joined in with my Street Art Challenge – and it merged perfectly with this week’s WPC, by Cherie – didn’t it?

      Love the children’s chalk art – AMAZING!!

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    • Hi Debbie – I added the link to your post BTW – I think you must have forgotten to add it! No matter.

      These street artists often have such descriptive names, don’t they? Phlegm – who’d have thought it?! Very distinctive style though 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your two links – they are great photographers.

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  7. Valencia is a big open canvas for incredible, quality street art. I wrote about it here a couple of years ago:

    I’m in the process of interviewing some local street artists, but I doubt that will be ready for a blog post in time for this challenge. Still, glad to see you all turning a spot light on these artists’ work. I’ll be following the posts with great interest.

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    • Hi Emilio

      You’ve included some great shots in Las Vegas. Presumably from what you say, these have all been painted over now? That’s a shame – but I guess it gives someone else a chance to shine 🙂

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  11. Happy New Year, Marianne! I’ve been slacking on the photo challenge front and just popped over to see what the theme for January’s CBBH is, only to find it’s perfect for me. Thank you, I’ll be back with a post shortly 🙂

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  13. I love those two so much – the only sad thing is that they were supposed to be painted on the same days, but owing to high winds hitting the left building, “D*Face” was not able to start on the same day so there was about 48 hours between them being completed. It was still fascinating to watch them on a daily basis though!

  14. Thanks so much for the mention and the linkage. I’ve actually got a Málaga street art blog post in the works but am way behind on things. Perhaps I’ll have some extra time this month to catch up. Feliz Año!

    • Yes indeed – very commendable street art, Gilly.

      Thanks for sharing links to Paul and Donna’s blogs – I enjoyed visiting them and hope others will too 🙂

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  16. Hard to imagine how such massive works of art are created! Astounding. Thanks for following my adventures and I very much look forward to reading your posts in 2014,

I´d love to hear from you, and much appreciate your comments. Thank you.

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