East of Málaga: Knock, knock

A doorway in the remote village of Acebuchal, Málaga

Doorway in the hamlet of Acebuchal near Frigiliana, Andalucía.

Doorway in the Lost Village of Acebuchal

Doorway to the restaurant in Acebuchal

Chapel doorway, Acebuchal

Doorways to be found in the Lost Village of Acebuchal, east of Málaga, Andalucía. 

I wonder who would answer if I knocked?


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42 thoughts on “East of Málaga: Knock, knock

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    • You´re right – it does make everything look clean, doesn´t it?

      I must say that most Spanish villages are kept very clean and tidy. Where we used to live in the village of Frigiliana, the old ladies used to come out onto the cobbled streets to sweep and mop it. They have such pride in their home and surroundings.

  2. What beautiful photos! I have quite a collection of door photographs from my holiday in the Greek Islands. There’s something about a whitewashed building with a colourful door that is so cheerful!

  3. hmmm, did my post get lost? starting over….not sure what just happened!

    I think I am in love with that blue door! awesome pics. and I gotta check out your other links too.

    • I think your response must have got lost – unless it´s gone on a virtual break somewhere and will arrive goodness only knows when!! 😉

      The blue door is one of my favourites, too.

      Have you ever been to Acebuchal? It´s worth a couple of hours of your time if ever you get over this way.

      When will you be over next, Toby?

      • yea, not sure what happened there. and I didn’t get the notification of your reply either. harumpf! BUT, I did remember to check as you almost always respond. such a good blogger are you 😉 Nope, have not been there and have not heard of it. We are saving our pennies to make another trip in a few years. Likely not until 2016 😦 Unless we win the lottery!! don’t laugh, my mother actually DID win the lottery! I need to start a list of all the towns around Malaga for hubby and me to visit once we move there 🙂

        • Hmmmm … some of the mysterious ways of WP! lol

          You´ll have quite a list of places to visit by then, then!

          Wow – you mean I actually know someone, who is related to someone who won the lottery? That must mean it´s MY turn next! 😉

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