The Windmills of Consuegra

Windmills at Consuegra, Spain

La Mancha‘s windmills were immortalised in Cervantes‘ novel, Don Quixote.  These fine examples of restored Spanish windmills can be found in Consuegra, not far from Toledo in central Spain.   Several mills spike the hill just outside of town and I certainly had some tilting to do, to capture not only the wooden sails, but also the magnificent blue of the wide open sky.

This photo is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition and Travel Theme: Wood.



57 thoughts on “The Windmills of Consuegra

    • I don’t know the exact date, Tricia, but these famous windmills were immortalized in Miguel Cervantes’ “Don Quixote”, which was published in two volumes in 1605 and 1615.

      So – sometime before then. They are certainly very old.

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    • Of course, these were originally used to mill grain, rather than the modern-day use of generating power.

      Yes, very pretty – and made all the more lovely as they each have a name such as Sancho, Mambrino or Bolero.

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