Sweet memories: San Joaquín sugar mill

Located on the old N340 coast road between Nerja and Maro, the San Joaquín sugar mill´s ruined buildings serve as a reminder of the importance that the sugar industry played in local history.

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

Sugar manufacturing has been part of the Mediterranean way of life for centuries.  Earliest records of sugar cultivation in Andalucía date from the 10th century on the coast of Granada province, due to its exceptional climate.

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

In 1585, the first mechanical sugar mill in the area was built in Maro, the ruins of which still form a central part of the old village, today.  Further mills followed in Nerja and Frigiliana, before the San Joaquín sugar mill and distillery was erected in 1884 by master builder, Francisco Cantarero, for the Marquis de Tous.

Irrigation channel at the San Joaquín sugar mill, Maro

Irrigation channel at the San Joaquín sugar mill, Maro

To supply the factory, large areas of sugar cane were planted nearby with water flowing through irrigation channels from the newly-built Eagle Aqueduct (Acueducto del Aquila).  This established a close relationship between the cultivation and industrial processes, a project that became known as The Agricultural Colony of Las Mercedes and Maro (La Colonia Agrícola de las Mercedes y Maro) and which continued until 1911 when the San Joaquín sugar mill closed.   The Larios sugar company acquired the mill in 1930 and production continued until the second half of the 20th century.  Since then, buildings have fallen into disrepair.

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

San Joaquín sugar Mill, Maro

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18 thoughts on “Sweet memories: San Joaquín sugar mill

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  3. I hadn’t seen this post of the old sugar mill you told me about, Marianne. I love the information and the way you put the pictures in frames, giving them an antique look. 🙂 I’m putting a link to it in my post about Nerja!

    • We only passed near to it, on our way to the Eagle Aqueduct, didn’t we Cathy?

      I had only just got my Canon Powershot camera, last year, when I took it to the old sugar mill for its first outing!

      I like the borders on the photos, too. It’s an effect within the Picasa photo editing tool.

    • That’s right, you aren’t to far. I hope you get the chance to visit the old sugar mill, Maro and Nerja – just as we intend to get over your way before the end of the year 🙂

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  6. Thanks AD, it was good to finally wander around the old sugar mill. I have seen it many times over the years and always wanted to know more about it. And, I got the chance to give my new Canon camera its maiden outing!

  7. Hmmm … me too, Tanya, until last week when I decided to explore to try out my new camera! We approached from the autovía and could see there was a wire fence all along the edges of the land, but once we got onto the N340 and turned first right up a lane – there it was – unfenced!

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