10 Spanish words to help you through Christmas: Las palabras navideñas

Abstract christmas tree in Malaga



1.  Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad

2.  Christmas Eve – La Nochebuena

3.  Angels – Los ángeles

4.  Christmas wreath – La corona de Navidad

5.  Star – La estrella

6.  The Wise Men – Los Reyes Magos

7.  Gift or present – El regalo

8.  Christmas tree – El árbol de Navidad

9.  Candle – La vela

10. Snow – La nieve


Which Spanish word do you most associate with Christmas?


Image credit: (Flickr cc) Abstract Christmas tree in Málaga Bogdan Migulski


51 thoughts on “10 Spanish words to help you through Christmas: Las palabras navideñas

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  2. Hola Marianne,

    We woke up this morning and the temperature here was -28.8 C. And people wonder why my wife and I are moving to Andalucia in 2014.

  3. The only Spanish I understand around here is “hey, CHICCA!” Rugby boy has just started learing Spanish, and he loves it. I don’t understand a word of what he says, which he enjoys even more because he can throw rude words in for good measure.

    • LOL …. it’s resaca!

      I remember when we first came to Spain, my Spanish teacher (who was only a young man) was talking about resaca … and we thought it might be his girlfriend’s name 🙂

  4. My first Christmas in Spain I was confused when people started talking about “Pascua” which is Easter in Italian – but no, they use it in Spain to talk about Christmas! And I also thought “how rude!” when people respnded to greetings by saying “igualmente” – imagine saying “likewise” in English if someone wished you “Merry Christmas” – but soon realised it was just a normal response 🙂

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