Merry Christmas Eve

Pink bubbles on Christmas EvePink bubbles on Christmas Eve!

My Christmas wish for all my readers and followers is that love, hope and happiness fill your hearts this holiday season, and may all your dreams and wishes have wings.


¡Feliz Navidad! 


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52 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve

  1. What a stunning array of photographs bringing your World, The World, to life. I have been fortunate enough to visit Prague, though perhaps not at the best time of year and thought it a beautiful and charming place. You’ve now made me want to create a bucket list of my own.
    xxx Huge Hugs and wishes for a Fantastic 2014 xxx

    • Thank you, David 🙂

      I’ve wanted to visit Prague for many years, and I wasn’t disappointed. It really is a lovely city.

      You really should create your own Bucket List. Some people don’t like those words – and prefer to call it a Life List – but I just like to look at it as a written list of places I’d like to visit – just in case I forget any of them.

      Either way – there is always something to look forward to – be it a visit to a local museum you haven’t got round to seeing, or simply somewhere you’ve seen on TV that caught your eye.

      Happy travels and Happy New Year 🙂

  2. A very merry Christmas, Marianne 🙂 Traditional roast? I’ve just peeled the sprouts with a glass of red at hand. Pink would be nice but my Michael doesn’t like it. All the best for New Year to you and yours.

    • All the best, Jo.

      No – gave up making traditional roasts years ago. Usually do something a bit different 🙂

      We have SHOCKING weather this morning – high winds, pouring rain …. I’m amazed we still have electricity!

  3. Excellent, thank you so much all best wishes to you both and love for Christmas and New Year 2014. See you in the near future. Have a great time.

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