VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for David against Goliath!

Cómpeta, Andalucía, Spain

OK, OK …. I admit, it’s not really for David – it’s for ME!  But we ALL love an underdog, don’t we?  🙂

In my analogy, Goliath is a professional photographer currently leading the vote in a photographic competition I have entered on Facebook.   So, even though I AM that underdog, I’m running a close second, only a few “Likes” behind, but with only five more days left to vote.


If you are logged into your FB account, click on the photo above (it’s of my home village of Cómpeta) and you will be taken through to to my voting page.  All you need to do is LIKE and COMMENT on that post.

THE PRIZE is a day trip for 4 people (with lunch), to one of the most picturesque parts of Andalucía along a scenic train line known as Mr Henderson’s Railway – a British-built Victorian train line from Algeciras to Ronda.

If I’m lucky enough to win this competition, there are two further benefits:

1.   I will SHARE MY PRIZE by inviting two local bloggers to join me for the day.

2.   You will be able to read all about my trip in a blog post, where I will include lots of lovely photos.

Will you help me to share the joy by voting for my photograph?  

Thank you.

EDITED TO ADD:    So many of you clicked through to my photograph and added your vote that I am delighted (and amazed) to tell you that David did indeed defeat Goliath.  I WON!  I have invited two local bloggers to join me and sometime over the next three months we will be enjoying the prize of a trip on Mr Henderson’s Railway.  I’ll let you know all about it.    Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to vote.  I am truly grateful for your continuing support.  You are AMAZING!


39 thoughts on “VOTE, VOTE, VOTE for David against Goliath!

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    • Yes, you did – thanks for the lovely comment. Would you also click the “like” button for the photo? EVERY “like” and “comment” counts!

      VERY much appreciated. I soooo hope I win because I want to take two local bloggers on the trip with me 🙂 Sharing the love!

  4. When I click on the picture Marianne it takes me to the page of your album but not to a voting page, unless of course I’ve already voted. Does the competition have it’s own page I could go to?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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