I can see Africa from my terrace!

View from my terrace: Rif mountains in Africa

This is the view from my terrace looking across the Mediterranean Sea towards the Rif Mountains in northern Morrocco

Yes, I really can see another continent from my house!

This post is my response to the Travel Theme photo challenge – Sunset

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57 thoughts on “I can see Africa from my terrace!

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  4. I grew up in a massive province in Canada. One can drive for 14 hours straight and not cover the entire distance. When I moved to the east coast, I was stunned when one trip to the sea resulted in my being able to spot another province from the beach (PEI). I imagine that the same surreal feeling I had then, would be similar to what you experienced (but multiplied by 1000).

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  7. I guess that all depends on your kid´s bike. Or your kid! 😉

    Still – it IS pretty impressive and doesn´t happen in many places in the world. I´m lucky, but I know it.

  8. omg I used to live in africa! then on islands off the coast of them, and its awesome to see other continets and islands from one shore to another. makes the world feel small though!!!

  9. Hehe and that smidgen on the mountain jumping up and down, waving like crazy – well, that’s not me cause I’m on the Southern end of Africa waving and jumping at that end 🙂 Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

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  11. I remember once many years ago I was hitching from Almeria to Granada and sleeping rough and woke up to see Africa in the distance. I cant remember where we were but we argued whether it was Africa or not and when we asked…yep it was Africa.Amazing! Lucky you!

    • No, I guess not!

      I´ve been across to Morocco, so I know what it´s like, but I wonder how many people can see it there, tantalizingly close, yet never have the urge/opportunity/means to go?

      So near and yet so far.

  12. For some reason I now have visions of the setting of your terrace being like an old Clark Gable or similar movie, elegantly coiffed and attired ladies & gents, wandering around with elegant cocktail glasses in one hand and long cigarettes in the other, gazing over foreign lands 😉

    • I never fail to be excited when I can see it, Meg. It certainly doesn´t happen every day. It´s usually evening time, around sunset, and maybe eight to ten times a year.

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