At the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea

Entrance to the Mediterranean Sea

The Rock of Gibraltar, one of the Pillars of Hercules in Greek mythology, has a strategic location on the Strait of Gibraltar where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, with Europe to the north and the continent of Africa to the south.

Standing at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar it’s magical to look across the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea towards Morocco in North Africa – only nine miles away!

I hope you´ve enjoyed this spectacular entrance, which is my contribution to this week´s Sunday Post.

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Cheeky Monkey: Now you see him, now you don´t!

I recently posted that I can see Africa from my terrace, and that seemed to cause a frisson of excitement around the globe, so I thought I would give you an even better view!

Top of the Rock of Gibraltar with Africa in the background

On a recent trip to Gibraltar (less than a three hour drive from my home), with a friend visiting from Australia, we arrived at the top of The Rock to see the magnificent sight of another continent just 8.9 miles across the water.   AFRICA!  

This is the stunning view that greeted us at the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, with a backdrop of the mountains of Morocco, including Jebel Musa, the other Pillar of Hercules – the name given in the ancient world to the promontories that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar.

What a view!

I glanced over to my right, to take in the Spanish mountains dropping into the sea, and when I looked back this little guy was posing for me!

He´s a Barbary ape – Europe’s only wild monkeys.   Local legend has it that as long as the Barbary Macaque population exists on Gibraltar, the territory will remain under British rule.

Barbary ape at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar with Africa behind

I just had time to take this perfectly posed image and, just as he appeared, quick as a flash he was off to join the rest of his friends!

Cheeky monkey!

This is my response to the Sunday Post – From a Distance

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I can see Africa from my terrace!

View from my terrace: Rif mountains in Africa

This is the view from my terrace looking across the Mediterranean Sea towards the Rif Mountains in northern Morrocco

Yes, I really can see another continent from my house!

This post is my response to the Travel Theme photo challenge – Sunset

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