Looking after her geraniums!

Looking after her geraniums

One morning last week, I stopped to have a word with this lady who was cutting the dead flowers from her magnificent display of geraniums.

She told me that she only gave them water twice a week and, of course, they enjoyed the sunshine – (don’t we all?).  At the end of the season, she cuts the plants right back and takes them inside to store them.  After re-potting in January, she gradually reintroduces the plants outside (poco a poco) little by little to warm in the sunshine – and the following summer, they bloom again.

These geranium plants on her terrace are three years old.

So – now you know!


27 thoughts on “Looking after her geraniums!

  1. For the life of me i cannot grow geraniums here. Every year they die. I’m quite green fingered so cannot work out the reason. They die a slow lingering death. Maybe they need mouth to mouth resuscitation. Lol.

  2. A dedicated lover of gardening is your lady and it shows in the love and care she lavishes on those beautiful geraniums and they repay her and us with such a lovely show.

  3. Geraniums do so well out here in Spain. Ours have been going for years and stay out all thorugh the winter (mind you, the garden is sheltered). The other day we cut them right back as they were out of control and stuck cuttings in other places and they have all happily taken and are doing well 🙂

    • Yes, they do, generally – and we have some in our garden similar to yours, that come back year after year. We have more trouble with our pots though, which I’m pretty sure is to do with over-watering.

  4. Oh so much work! I’d never have the patience (or the time!) to do all this! But if you enjoy doing this and you have the time, you are always so richly rewarded, those flowers are SO beeyutifulll!

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