Malaga: the city that gives you Moore – Henry Moore!

Henry Moore sculpture, Malaga

The Fundación ‘la Caixa’ sponsored exhibition, “Henry Moore: Arte en la Calle” (Henry Moore: Art in the Street) has brought some of Moore’s monumental bronzes to Málaga.

Six of British Surrealist artist, Henry Moore‘s bronze sculptures can be seen on Calle Alcazabilla, in the midst of some of Málaga’s most popular tourist attractions, near to the Alcazaba fortress, the Roman amphitheatre and the old Customs House.


Henry Moore sculpture, Malaga

It’s a joy to see these modern pieces against such a historical background.

You only have another two weeks (until June 28th) to view the sculptures in Málaga, before the exhibition moves to other Spanish cities including Santander, Burgos and Pamplona.

Henry Moore sculpture, Malaga

Henry Moore sculpture, Malaga

Henry Moore sculpture, Malaga

Henry Moore would have been delighted that his sculptures are displayed on the streets of Málaga, as he once famously stated: “Sculpture is an art of the open air. I would rather have a piece of my sculpture put in a landscape, almost any landscape, than in, or on, the most beautiful building I know.”

Which is YOUR favourite?


33 thoughts on “Malaga: the city that gives you Moore – Henry Moore!

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  2. You did so well to capture these glorious sculptures on their own without the crowds I’m sure must have been viewing them. I rather like the laid back lady…

  3. I think that first one is owned by Princeton University. I have a couple of photos of myself twenty years apart inside of it.

    • It took me AGES to get the first shot, Dianne. The entrance and exit to the Alcazaba is behind, and people were wandering in and out – I waited and waited to get the sign through the hole in the sculpture … but eventually I was rewarded … PHEW!!!

  4. Let’s see if we make it out there to the centre before it goes away! Although I’d like to see the look on my kiddies’ faces if I said, we’re going to take a walk to see – sculptures?? Probably be more successful if I said, we’re going to visit a site where you can play videos games for free haha!

  5. Fantastic! Many thanks, Marianne for a lovely Sunday read! I am going to try to go into Malaga before they move on to the next city!

    • We are so spoiled for choice of great art in Malaga, aren’t we, Maggie? Hope you have a great time (I’m in the UK at the moment – back home to the sunshine on Tuesday evening) xx

  6. We had edexsome Henry Moore sculptures here in Sevilla last year, in a plum spot between the Alcazar and Cathedral – looks like they’ve got an equally fab location there. Art “en la Calle” is such a wonderful idea. You can stumble upon the works and enjoy them at your own pace, with that amazing backdrop. All for free!

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