CBBH Photo Challenge: LOOKING DOWN

We often look forward, left and right, lively or on the bright side – but how about trying a new perspective?

The theme for this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge is LOOKING DOWN.   Tell me what you see.

Don’t forget that the CBBH Photo Challenge is a little different from some other challenges, in two ways.  First, it’s only once a month – giving you lots of time to consider your entry before the end of the calendar month.  Secondand most important, this is a BLOG HOP (after all, it is the CBBH – Conejo Blanco Blog Hopmeaning white rabbit in Spanish), so DON’T FORGET that in your post you need to add links to two blogs that you have visited and commented on during the past month.  That way, when we visit each other, we can HOP OVER to your links, connect with others and share a little blog love around!


View of Sandeman's Bodega across the River Douro, Porto, Portugal

I’ve just returned home after spending ten days in Portugal, split between the cities of Porto and Lisbon, so my photos for this month’s CBBH Challenge are all from this trip.   The first photo was taken from the top of the Torre Dos Clérigos in Porto.  The views across the city are spectacular and here you can see the famous Sandeman Port Cellars on the other side of the River Douro.

Traditional transport for Port wine on the River Douro, Porto, Portugal

This was my view looking down from the iconic Dom Luis I bridge, spanning the River Douro.  Here you can see one of the rabelo boats – traditional Portugese cargo boats used for transporting goods and people along the river.  These boats do not not exist in any other place of the world and their history is closely linked to the production and trade of port wine.

Our train ride along the Douro Valley, Portugal

During my stay, I was fortunate to take a train ride into the Douro Valley wine region.  The Douro river route is surely one of the great European journeys, as well as being one of the most scenic – a 200 kilometre ride or stately cruise from Porto all the way to the Spanish border.  This was my view looking down the river.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Looking down the shaft of Elevador Sao Justa, Lisbon

After riding to the top, I got the chance to capture the view looking down the 45 metre shaft of the Elevador de Santa Justa, the only remaining vertical, urban lift in the city of Lisbon.  At one time steam-powered, the lift connects the lower streets of the Baixa district with the higher Largo do Carmo.

Statue of Christ keeping watch over Lisbon, Portugal

The Christ the King statue is a Catholic monument and shrine looking down over the city of Lisbon. Inspired by the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cristo-Rei was erected to symbolize gratitude that the Portuguese were spared the effects of World War II.  

The moon shining bright

On my journey to northern Portugal, I was invited to stay with fellow expat blogger, Sue, of The Hidden Spain at her home in Alange, Extremadura.  Sue posts wonderful photos every day on her Twitter accountnot only of the spectacular view from her home, but also of Mr. Moon looking down on us all.  My camera is nowhere near as good as Sue’s, and all of my  previous attempts to capture this kind of image have failed.  However, she let me use her camera!  Just look at those craters on the moon!  Thanks Sue xx

My Featured Blog Links for this month:

*** Sandra Danby is a writer and journalist living in a secret valley in the heart of the Spanish countryside.  Her blog, Notes on a Spanish Valley paints a vivid picture with tales of her daily feast of nature, wildlife and food, surrounded by wild land, olive groves and forests of encima oak trees grazed by Iberian black pigs.  I love Sandra’s recipes including Spanish “bruschetta” for tea and sweet, home-grown stewed plums for breakfast.

Another great feature of each of the posts on Notes on a Spanish Valley is the “5 to remember” – five useful Spanish words associated with the post.  It’s always good to learn new Spanish words.  Why not hop over and say HOLA?!

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CBBH Blog Hop

So that´s the CBBH Photo Challenge for November, everyone!

Remember, all you have to do is post your entry by the end of the month, tag your entry ‘CBBH Photo Challenge’,  link back to this blog and, most importantlydon´t forget to add links to any two blogs that you´ve commented on during the past month, so that we can all HOP OVER and have a look.  Make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you don´t miss next month’s exciting challenge!

For more information on how the CBBH Photo Challenge works click here.

I hope everyone taking part enjoys the exposure the CBBH Photo Challenge offers to featured blogs and, who knows, you may end up finding a new favourite!  I´m looking forward to seeing your interpretations.

[CBBH logo Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]


47 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: LOOKING DOWN

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    • OOHHHHH cool pix, Jo! Dangerous creatures but strangely beautiful. I can understand your fascination.

      When we visited the Great Barrier Reef a couple of years ago, we had to wear Stinger Suits when we went snorkelling over the reef – and there was a guy watching out for Blue Bottles for the group’s protection. (FYI … Blue bottles are flies in the UK!!)

      Thanks for the links – I’ll hop over there, right away 🙂

    • Perfect! Barcelona is such a wonderful city for taking photographs in. I love Casa Milá and La Pedrera – but my absolute favourite has to be Casa Batlo 🙂

      I’ve seen your subsequent comment about adding links later 🙂

      Great entry, Debbie – well done!

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    • Fabulous, Amy – I love to look down on the world from such a high place. It’s as if you can see the whole world 🙂

      Thanks for sharing two links, neither of which I know – I’ve just been to visit them both. Amazing!

  4. Pingback: Málaga’s Urban Street Art | East of Málaga

    • Thanks for the wonderful reminder of Barcelona Jo – and I hope you had a great day on your birthday during your trip 🙂
      They have only just introduced a fee for the entrance to Parc Guell, so that might have been why it was quiet.
      Great photos, Jo – I know what you mean about the bright sunlight – it seems to affect so many of my photos, too.
      I LOVE, love, love Gaudi and Barcelona.

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    • Fantastic photos, Toby – I have to say I love the view of the bullrings in both Malaga and Seville 🙂

      I knew about the market in Puerta del Sol, but I have to admit that when I visited I totally forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

      Love One Cool Site – so useful, so I’ll hop over to your other link … right away!

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  8. I got dizzy looking at the photo of Elevador de Santa Justa. Now, that means that you captured it perfectly.
    The Christ of King statue is something I’ve always wanted to see. It’s magnificent. All the photos are certainly looking down.
    I have to search my photos and find something to submit for the challenge. Thanks for having these challenges. They really get me thinking.
    Isadora xo

    • I’d love to see the statue in Rio – but this one was a good second choice 🙂

      I’d love you to join in with this month’s challenge, Issy. You’re right, they get ME thinking, too!

  9. I love the theme and the pics, from both perspectives of looking down. My favourite is where it meets it the middle on the Douro river, looking down to the water and to the sky.

    I also follow and enjoy Sandra Danby’s blog 🙂

  10. Great photos, as always, Marianne and thank you so much for the mention. As you know, I normally ‘look up’ for my shots – I might have a try at looking down this month 🙂

    • You can always get around it by having something that IS looking down, like I did! Just HAD to get that great moon shot in, Sue. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity. I love that shot! 🙂

  11. You almost always catch me by surprise, Marianne, and this month more so than ever! I’m really excited because my daughter’s arriving this afternoon and on Sunday I’m off to Barcelona for 5 nights. Too excited to function very well!
    BUT I absolutely loved your shot down the lift shaft at Santa Justa. Fabulous 🙂

    • Thought you would enjoy the Portugal shots, Jo 🙂

      Have a wonderful time in Barcelona – I just know you will. Watch your handbag (especially on the Metro) and have a lovely birthday! xx

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