Wildflowers of Andalucía: Dutchman’s Pipe

Wildflowers of Andalucia

When I was wandering in the garden the other day, I noticed these gorgeous wildflowers growing in the shade of some of the almond trees.  Strangely enough, there is just this one patch of them, and I’ve never noticed them before!  They are a purple/brown colour (some with a yellow/beige interior), have heart shaped leaves, and are a climber/vine.

I looked in my flower book, but couldn’t identify them, so I posted a photo onto Facebook and sure enough, someone knew what they were – Aristolochia baetica.

Wildflowers of Andalucia

According to Wikipedia they belong to the Aristolochia/birthwort family, with their common names “Dutchman’s pipe” and “pipevine” being an allusion to old-fashioned meerschaum pipes at one time common in the Netherlands and Northern Germany.

Birthwort” (e.g. European birthwort A. clematitis) refers to these species’ flower shape, resembling a birth canal.

Dutchman's Pipe

I think they look like a bird’s nest full of baby birds with their beaks open, waiting to be fed!  What do YOU think?

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26 thoughts on “Wildflowers of Andalucía: Dutchman’s Pipe

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  3. Great photos – they are rather crazy-looking, aren’t they? Once a botanist explained how they’re pollinated and it was so complicated, with so many intricate steps, that I couldn’t remember what he said. Nature is fantastic!

  4. Yeah “look like a bird’s nest full of baby birds with their beaks open, waiting to be fed”
    totally agree with you, I didn’t know these flower – but no doubt, they “scream” for feed… 😉 😉

    Very well captured… 😉

    • OHHH they look interesting, Christine! The flowers are quite a bit bigger than mine here in Spain.

      I haven’t planted this clump in my garden (well, when I say garden – it’s not like a cultivated garden in a town. We live in the countryside – so close in to the house it’s more cultivated – but where these flowers are growing is in a more “natural” area, towards the edge of our land) – so I guess some people might call them weeds. I call them beautiful wildflowers, and I’m sure you do too 🙂

  5. I agree with ChgoJohn – the are very cool, and a bit spooky. Clever design for attracting insects, and water I assume. I love taking a walk through a garden, even vicariously 🙂

  6. How cool are they? These blooms are reminiscent of some Sci-Fi film from the ’50’s, Marianne. I know if I saw a vase with nothing but the blooms, I’d surely think they were fake. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hmmmm … very cool indeed!

      Ah yes, I think I know the kind of film you mean, John – they are a little like something out of ¨The Day of the Triffids” 🙂

    • I´ve just been outside to have another look at them, Madhu. I´m sure they wont be there for long, so I have to make the best of them 🙂

      I adore them!

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