Forget bells and intercoms – this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge is all about decorative door furniture, to make an entrance look perfect.

Of course, the purpose of a door knocker is to let the householder know there is someone at the door, but at some point in history they took on shape and symbolic meaning. I’ve seen protective dogs and lions, honorary wreaths, severed hands, mythological references to Medusa and Cleopatra, as well as elegant and ornate displays of wealth in polished brass.

There are some really interesting knobs and knockers out there, just waiting to be discovered and photographed.  CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOURS!


Door knocker, Toledo, Spain

I photographed this beauty in the Spanish city of Toledo, at the end of last summer.  Isn’t it amazing?!

Hand of Fatima door knocker, Spain

Used frequently as door knockers, another vestige of the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula is the Hand of Fatima. Fatima Zahra was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed, and the hand door knockers are talismans used to ward off the evil eye, and offer protection to the household.

Door knob in Granada, Spain

Bread hanging from a doorknob in Torrox, Spain

This may not be a photo of a fancy door knob, but it is a significant one.  Around many of the little villages in Andalucía there is often a morning bread delivery.  The little van from the panaderia winds its way around the steep streets, leaving a loaf of bread tied to the doors of many of the houses, in much the same way that the milkman used to make his early morning deliveries to make sure you had your daily pint of milk, back in the UK.  Does that still happen I wonder?   🙂

Door knocker, Cómpeta, Spain

toledo October 2012 226

So, there you have them – some grand knockers on plain doors, some quite plain knobs and knockers on grand doors.

This month’s CBBH Featured Blogs:

** The Legion of Door Whores has a collaboration of contributors who post doors of many descriptions they have photographed.  Considering the theme of this month’s challenge,  l was delighted to find a particularly splendid pair of door knobs in Girona, Spain as well as these fine brass knobs in Buenos Airesalong with a host of other doors in all shapes, sizes and condition.  If you are a bit of a Door Whore yourself, you will be amazed at some of the beautiful photographs posted onto this blog.

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CBBH Blog Hop

So that´s the CBBH Photo Challenge for MAY, everyone!

Remember, all you have to do is post your entry by the end of the month, tag your entry ‘CBBH Photo Challenge’,  link back to this blog and, most importantlydon´t forget to add links to any two blogs that you´ve commented on during the past month, so that we can all HOP OVER and have a look.  Make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you don´t miss next month´s exciting challenge!

For more information on how the CBBH Photo Challenge works click here.

I hope everyone taking part enjoys the exposure the CBBH Photo Challenge offers to featured blogs and, who knows, you may end up finding a new favourite!  I´m looking forward to seeing your interpretations.

[CBBH logo Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]

103 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: KNOBS AND KNOCKERS

    • Awww …you are too kind, Nando. Welcome to your first CBBH Photo Challenge.

      You have a great selection of photos for us. My favourite is the fish one – how unusual. Hope the owner is a fisherman!

      Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. It’s always good to get recommendations, isn’t it?

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    • Gorgeous photos, Debbie. No wonder you fell in love with these particular knockers, they are a work of art. So glad you shared them.

      Thanks for featuring links to two blogs you enjoy. I know the Lady of the Cakes very well, but I’ll HOP over to Janeline’s place right away.

      Great entry for this month’s challenge, well done!

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    • How interesting that it’s mostly about locks and bars rather than knobs and knockers in Oman. Sorry if it gave you an extra difficult challenge – but you rose up to it, beautifully!

      I’ve just been over to have a look at your featured blogs – and followed!

      Great challenge entry, Cathy – well done!

      • Thanks so much, Marianne. Yes, everything’s about hiding and locking down in Oman. Especially where the women are concerned. I had to make do with what I had here! 🙂

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  6. Really wonderful blog! I just heard about your blog and subscribed from Canadian Travel Bugs! I had done a post on the doors of Paris and she told me to check out your challenge! Awesome blog! By the comments it looks like I follow a lot of similar blogs and I’m so looking forward to reading yours!!! 🙂 nicole (thirdeyemom) Wonderful post by the way too! The knobs are fantastic!!

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    • You did!

      Thanks for another lovely post, Gilly – from around the world 🙂

      An added bonus for me is that I have just visited (and thoroughly enjoyed) your two featured blogs this month.

      Well done!

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  9. One of my all time favorites based on the weight and creativity of Iron. Why do I never get your posts???

    • Fantastic aren’t they?

      I don’t know why not – what I do know is that some blogs I’m subscribed to don’t appear in my reader either. All I can suggest is that you unsubscribe and then re-subscribe (is that a word?) to see if that makes a difference.

      Under the circumstances, thanks for taking the trouble to let me know 🙂

    • Lovely photos Christine and very well adapted. How lovely to see the Hand of Fatima on the doors in France, too. Whatever the thought behind it – it’s still a lovely idea to offer protection to the household.

      Thanks for the introduction to two blogs you enjoy visiting. It’s always lovely to try out new places 🙂

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  11. I love knobs and knockers so I’ve been gazing very intently at your pics. We used to have a lovely knob shop where I would often browse and occasionally indulge in new drawer knobs. And, only last weekend we were looking through the G.O.’s collection of door knobs he’s found on demolitions and also the originals from our house. We have the same knob as the bread bag is hanging from 🙂 I’m interested to have a look at Kiva.

    • How interesting that the G.O. has a collection of demolition door knobs! Are there any fancy ones?

      Bless you for your interest in Kiva, EllaDee. If you click through to the link on my post – you can redeem the $25 gift there. It really wont cost you anything and can make such a difference to the borrower you choose. 🙂

      • There are a couple of fancy ones – my favourite is a large amber cut glass and brass 🙂

        You’re an excellent ambassador for Kiva 🙂 I have looked at the site, and need to look into Kiva, the T&Cs a bit more.

        • Of course, I understand.

          My interest in Kiva started a few years ago, following the death of a close friend and a family member plus the realisation that there were really no material things I wanted at Christmastime. As we were in Australia at the time, I invested in the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts of a goat and a chicken – which were given to some under-privileged families in Africa. I think I bought these as gift cards from Woolworths 🙂

          I also used $100 to lend to four people on Kiva, and each time the money is paid back – I get to re-lend it all over again! I’ve made 14 loans now 🙂

  12. Hola Marianne, muchas gracias for the mention of my Girona door image. Kiva is a wonderful organization. It is amazing how a little money allows somebody to buy a few chickens to start a business. This contest of yours is a wonderful idea too. I will see if I can participate with some other images.

    • Hola Eduardo

      You are most welcome – what a fantastic example of not only the door knobs, but also it teaches so much about HOW to photograph them to best effect.

      I truly love lending on Kiva. I’m always excited when my previous loans get paid back so I can re-lend to someone new 🙂

      I’d love you to take part in this month’s CBBH Challenge, and thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Jane

      Yes, I´m sure there are many beautiful doors in Buenos Aires – and one day I would like to see them for myself 🙂

      You are most welcome – your photograph is amazing!

  13. I love these challenges and this is guaranteed to be a good one.Your photos, as always, are quite good, Marianne, but I also appreciate your taking time to research and share a little about the figures used to create them. And what a quaint — yet fantastic — practice of having bread delivered daily. How I would love that!

    • Of course, it´s the little bit of local information that makes the photos come alive, isn´t it? Like the fresh bread delivery! 🙂

      Sadly, because I live in the countryside, the delivery van doesn´t come this way – I have to go and get mine!

  14. Absolutely stunning door knobs hon. You don’t see them very often here nowadays and this was quite a treat. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*

  15. Oh the quaint customs of rural life hehe! Here in da big city you’ll never see bags of bread hanging from doors (unless it’s a family member of yours who has left it there). Once I forgot an umbrella outside the door (and I live in an apartment too, so it wasn’t like it was out on the street) for a few minutes and when I went to get it it was gone. And it wasn’t like it was an expensive, diamond-studded umbrella either, just your regular dollar-store umbrella. Ya gotta be pretty desperate to steal a dollar-store umbrella from someone!

    • Yes, very different in the little villages. I can also remember seeing people´s mail poking out from underneath the door (as often there is no letter box for the mail man to post it through) – and no one passing by would dream of touching it 🙂

  16. Hi Marinanne, I love this challenge and had to join in (first timer :)). I just posted something similar from our trip to Beijing, but I added more and did a whole new post. Thanks for the inspiration. Third Eye Mom did something similar too on her recent trip to Paris. Another blogger who escapes me now did doors and windows recently too. Popular theme that I will never tire of.
    Check out mine here

    • Then welcome to the CBBH Photo Challenge, first timer!

      Gorgeous selection, Diana – you have captured them beautifully! And, don’t the red doors look wonderful with the brass furniture attached?

      You’re quite right – I think most of us love doors, don’t we?

      Do you have any blogs you love to visit to recommend to us – so we can HOP over and take a look? If not, then don’t worry, but we each usually try to include a couple so we can broaden our horizons, so to speak 🙂

      And, because you were so quick off the mark, you also have the honour of being this month’s first entry! Yaay – we’re off!

      • Thanks Marianne… doors are great subjects and they seem to tell you a little story. The brass knockers on the red really do pop and each one is a little different, which is why I have so many pictures of them 😉
        Well there are a lot of blogs I try to read and a few new ones I have come across, or they found me is- vastly curious (vastlycurious.com) and tv or travels (http://tvortravels.wordpress.com) , both on wordpress.
        I am honoured to be your first for this month’s challenge 🙂
        Thanks again for a great challenge and taking the time to stop by and comment.

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  18. a perfect choice for me to sift through all the wonderful doors and knobs i photographed in september … back soon! meanwhile thank you for the free trial, kiva looks like a great scheme, well worth supporting marianne 🙂

  19. I’m also a Kiva lender. So simple and easy.
    Since your photo challenge lasts a month I’ll wait until I’m standing before a memorable Spanish door to take a photo; I’ll keep my eye out for a good one.

    • I love the fact that through KIVA I can give someone a HAND UP rather than a HAND OUT – much more dignified 🙂

      OOHHH when and where are you visiting in Spain, Trish? How exciting! Look forward to seeing your Spanish door 🙂

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