Photos from 35,000 feet: Approaching Málaga

Whenever I fly, I always request a window seat.  I love the view through an aeroplane window – because it means I´m going somewhere! 

You can often see spectacular views of the world – views which you simply cannot see from the ground and sometimes of countries that you will never set foot in. 

Even if there is nothing spectacular to see, just looking at the changing cloud patterns or mountain tops can be fascinating.

With tight security rules and ever busier airports continuing to change air travel, rediscovering the romance of the window seat may be the most practical way to make flying more enjoyable.  Why not give it a try next time you fly?

So, Señores Pasajeros (Ladies and Gentlemen) please ensure your seat-belt is securely fastened, your tray table is stowed and your seat-back is in the upright position, and join me in enjoying a smooth approach into Málaga (Costa del Sol)  airport, courtesy of Ryanair.

Once I can see the coast, I know I’m almost home!

There’s the runway!

Often the course is out to sea (towards North Africa), before swinging back inland to head to Malaga airport from the south.

Back over the coast, heading north this time.

Passing directly over Plaza Mayor shopping complex – nearly down now!

Safely landed!

Do you enjoy flying or do you just tolerate it to get from A to B?  Which countries have you just flown over that you would wish to actually visit?

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55 thoughts on “Photos from 35,000 feet: Approaching Málaga

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  2. I always do want to see the view but at the same time I really don’t want to think about being THAT high up….I try not to get the window seat but then end up craning my neck trying to see 🙂

  3. I`ve seen these sights many times and will never tire of them,the excitement that you`ll soon be there gets so much i have to grit my teeth.

  4. I used to love flying, now I’m scared to fly with the kids (you have all sorts of scenarios flashing through your mind, what would you do with the kids if the plane crashed?). Once flew over the old Yugoslavan republic on the way to Bulgaria, before the war over there, and I really wondered what it could’ve been like if I could’ve dropped (okay not dropped literally, as in, out of the sky) down there for a peek. Too bad I didn’t go. And flying to Canada you literally spend hours and hours and hours just looking down at glaciers and snow and ice, I was soooooo glad we didn’t drop down THERE!

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    • My brother-in-law lives in Alberta, Canada so I know just what you mean, Chris. We had to make a stop at Toronto – and we had as far again flying across Canada to Edmonton!

      I’ve never seen as many pine trees in my life! Beautiful country.

  6. How wonderful to be flying into home and being able to say “towards North Africa”. Flying doesn’t bother me. I neither love nor hate it. My most memorable landing was into Broome. It felt like I was landing at home, rather than somewhere completely new on the other side of the country 🙂

    • Ah, but I think the same when I’m dropping into Sydney, Melbourne, or Auckland airports. Europe is familiar to me – it sounds wonderful because it’s “different” from the norm.

      Still exciting though, wherever I’m flying!

  7. Like you, I LOVE to fly! I don’t mind the hassle at the airport because I know I’m going somewhere special and nothing spoils that feeling. My camera travels with me and a window seat is a must. You and I would have to arm wrestle for that! Are you back from the markets? I can’t wait to see those photos!

    • We’d have to sit on rows behind one another and chat over the seats, Patricia.

      I’ve done Nuremberg, Prague and Budapest …. just arrived in Munich last night! The photos are on my personal FB page, Patricia …. haven’t you seen them? 🙂

  8. Great photos Marianne. I’m just starting to get less nervous about flying again, had a really bad flying experience a few years ago with turbulence and storms. And I normally don’t ask for a window seat on long flights until a recent trip to San Francisco and realized the fabulous views I’ve been missing out on. So now, I try not to drink too much and get a window seat and have my camera ready ;-).

    • I’m sure most frequent flyers have had the odd bad experience with aborted landings and turbulence (I know I have), but good for you at getting back on board and discovering the window seat!

  9. Yes I love flying for the same reasons as you! I also love coaches – I usually go to airports by coach because its effortless and even thought it can be slow its all part of the adventure. And I don’t mind arrivng really early and hanging around the airport people watching. My office at work is on the descent into Exeter airport so I see several planes an hour and look at everyone of them – you can probably tell that I’m a bit excited now and I’m not even going anywhere! I love window seats too of course 🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Hi Marianne
    Fabulous photos. I always NEED to have a window seat – I get very frustrated if I can’t see where I am going – especially if we are flying to Malaga. As soon as we hit Spain my nose is glued to the window! Will have to remember to have my camera handy for our next trip in February. Should be able to catch some snow topped mountains then.
    We are counting the weeks already until we are back at our wonderful house in the countryside which we bought this year.

    • Sometimes you have to be a bit sneaky with the air stewards on patrol, but I have taken some AMAZING shots through an aircraft window, Lesley.

      How wonderful that you bought a house in the campo this year. Whereabouts will you be heading back to? East of Málaga, I hope 😉

  11. I don’t and won’t fly any more – So thanks for showing me the view from up there!
    I really loved flying over Canada (east to west) back in the days when I used to just hop on a plane and go off on an adventure – the changing scenery was superb. I may have some (film) photos somewhere – tsk! – off to try and find them now! 🙂

  12. I very much enjoyed flying over a new (for me) country with you!
    I do not like to fly, but always try to get a window seat to enjoy the view. Most of my flying has been to and from my home in Washington state, U.S. to my family in Alaska, and also to/from Hawaii.
    I have never been to another country, but have dreams/goals of Greece and Central America. Thank you for this fun and thought provoking post.

    • You’re welcome, Patti – glad you enjoyed tagging along!

      I’ve been to almost 60 countries, so our of 196 in the world, that’s getting well on the way to one third of them. I love travelling. In fact, as I type this, I am on a fast train from Budapest (Hungary) to Munich (Germany) to see the Christmas markets.

      I’ve been to a couple of Central American countries and to Greece as well as a few of the Greek islands. I hope you manage to fulfil your dream one day, Patti. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret travelling 🙂

  13. The actual flying is fine, I just don’t like the getting-to-the-airport thing.
    The flight across Russia and Asia from London to Beijing was very beautiful. The Urals, the Gobi desert… the landscape down there was just amazing. Not sure I’d actually want to be dropped in the middle of it, mind 😉

    • I usually fly to Australia and/or New Zealand ever year – and even though I know it will be 24 hours (or more) of my life, I quite like the peace and quiet, and usually focus on how different things will be once I’m there. As you say, it’s the airport hassle that’s the problem.

  14. I hate flying and, as you said, I tolerate it to get from down under to up over. I only ever choose a window seat for short flights. On long flights I prefer the aisle seat so I can easily walk about when I’m physically bored. Haven’t seen any countries from up high that I’d like to visit, but I’ve seen spectacular sunrises. A memorable one was over Iran. I took its photo. Oh, and I really enjoyed this post and the approach over the coast. That would be good!

    • OH do you Trish? That’s a shame – I try to embrace everything about flying – but I must admit it’s hard to be patient at some of the overly strict security involved, sometimes. I have to just keep thinking it’s for my own protection.

      Yes, sunrises and sunets can be wonderful above the clouds.

      Thanks for your kind comment – always much appreciated 🙂

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