Photos from 35,000 feet: Axarquía coast and inland


Love flying 9

I love flying and whenever possible I’ll jump at the chance of a window seat. It’s fascinating to see the land below from a totally unique perspective and particularly if you know the area well, at ground level.

Last Thursday lunchtime I flew back to the UK to see friends and family for a few days. As is often the case, my plane took off from Málaga airport and headed out to sea before banking left to cross back over the coast of the Axarquía. From my window seat on the right-hand side of the plane, I had a bird’s-eye view, and the best and clearest view I have ever had.

Caleta harbour and Torre del Mar

We crossed the coast over Benajarafe, giving me a great view of the harbour and marina at Caleta de Vélez with Algarrobo Costa just above (and slightly to the right in the photo) and Torre del Mar below.

Torrox point

From the wider angle, you can also see the point of land sticking out which is where the lighthouse is at Torrox Costa, with the start of Nerja beyond.

Velez-Malaga and Torre del Mar

As we continued to fly inland, Vélez-Málaga came into view and, if you look closely, you can just about see the motorway (Autovía del Mediterraneo) cutting across the landscape before Torre del Mar begins.


The white mountain village of Cómpeta was instantly recognisable, as the tops of the mountains above the village suffered and remain scarred by the devastating fire last summer.  

Mount Maroma, highest mountain in Málaga

We flew directly over the bare, pointless peak of La Maroma, the highest mountain in Málaga province – standing at an impressive 2065m (or 6775ft), and dominating the skyline of the Axarquía.  You can clearly see the village of Canillas de Aceituno in the lee of La Maroma (towards the bottom right of the photograph).

Lake Bermejales

And finally, after flying over Mount Maroma, we left the Axarquía region where the distinctive shape of the reservoir of Lake Bermejales came into view, and the town towards the bottom left of the photo is Alhama de Granada.

So, are you a window or an aisle seat person?  Do you enjoy flying or is it just a means of getting from A to B?  Let me know, won’t you?

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26 thoughts on “Photos from 35,000 feet: Axarquía coast and inland

  1. Great photos with great commentary – what great use of a window seat. I too try to get a window seat and try to work out where I am ! Some airlines have flight maps which helps.
    Well done !

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  3. Love the pictures, I will take a window seat every time. I have flown back and forth for many years and used to live between Sayalonga and Competa, but never knew I was flying right over the area, every time, so thanks for the info.

  4. Pics are fantastic Marianne! I always choose a window seat so I can admire the view along the way where possible. I have a window seat on the left when I fly in on Christmas Eve so will try and pick out some places on approach 🙂 see if I can learn from your geographical skills!! Xx

  5. Great pictures and I like the mountains best. I am definitely a window passenger. I love flying and that’s why I started learning languages as a teenager, in the hope of getting a job with Iberia, but that never happened. Enjoy your stay in cold England: it must be a shock to the system after Málaga!!!

  6. Marianne. The pictures, I agree, are absolutely amazing and bring back memories when my wife and I first flew to Spain. As to your question. ‘do you enjoy flying?’ I used to parachute, both military and freefall. So yes to your question of flying -, it’s the landing that always freak me out!

  7. Amazing photos, again ! So nice to see our region from the air. I love a window seat, but most of the time I leave it to my husband…

  8. Stunning, stunning photos. They take my breath away. So brilliant and clear. My wife and I always have a ‘chat’ about the window seat. I nearly always seem to be the one who converses with our aisle companion. Your pics are so good that I can see the area where our apartment is near the visible Frigiljana sports hall. Thanks very much.

  9. Brilliant, clear photos of your amazing landscape. I sit in an aisle seat if it’s a 14-hour flight and a window seat if it’s 2 hours, during which I hardly look away, totally gobsmacked by the beauty of the earth.

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