La Axarquía – Leoni Benabú airport at El Trapiche


Everyone knows about Málaga’s international airport, but how many of you have ever heard of La Axarquía-Leoni Benabú Airport (World Airport Code: LEAX)?

Within the heart of the Axarquía region, there is a private airfield near to the hamlet of El Trapiche, a district on the western edge of Vélez-Málaga, which is home to the Royal Aero Club of Málaga.

I’d thought about paying a visit for a while, but when we rocked up at the airport to find out more information, we couldn’t have hoped for a better reception from one of the instructors, Ignacio Gil, who really went out of his way to show us around.

Control Tower at El Trapiche airport

Ignacio, who speaks very good English, told us that the airport’s runway is 1100 metres long and used by light aircraft only. He proudly invited us to jump into his car and took us across to see some of the 81 hangars on site, housing 75 aircraft.  There is also a maintenance facility, clubhouse and flying school.

We were able to see small aircraft taking off and landing.

Pleasure flights (or aerial baptism as it says on the leaflet!) can be arranged for €120 for 30 minutes or €195 for one hour. Why not give one a try? Make sure to say that Marianne from East of Málaga blog sent you!

Can you see the aircraft about to land (on the far right of the photo), just below the village of Comares?

Can you see the aircraft about to land (on the far right of the photo), just below the village of Comares?

Where to find La Axarquía-Leoni Benabú Airport:

About a thirty minute drive east of the city of Málaga, along the A7-E15 Autovía del Mediterraneo to km 272,  take the exit signposted A 356 towards Vélez-Málaga, La Viñuela, Colmenar and Zafarraya.  Stay on the A356, by-passing the town of Vélez-Málaga and, after about 7 kilometres, turn left at the junction signed towards El Trapiche and Triana.  Approximately one kilometre further, there is a small sign on the left pointing to the airport.

Only a few hundred metres along this little road, you will find the Royal Aero Club of Malaga.


Tel: +34 95250 7377
Instructor: Ignacio Gil – mobile telephone: +34 695260656


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Photos from 35,000 feet: Approaching Málaga

Whenever I fly, I always request a window seat.  I love the view through an aeroplane window – because it means I´m going somewhere! 

You can often see spectacular views of the world – views which you simply cannot see from the ground and sometimes of countries that you will never set foot in. 

Even if there is nothing spectacular to see, just looking at the changing cloud patterns or mountain tops can be fascinating.

With tight security rules and ever busier airports continuing to change air travel, rediscovering the romance of the window seat may be the most practical way to make flying more enjoyable.  Why not give it a try next time you fly?

So, Señores Pasajeros (Ladies and Gentlemen) please ensure your seat-belt is securely fastened, your tray table is stowed and your seat-back is in the upright position, and join me in enjoying a smooth approach into Málaga (Costa del Sol)  airport, courtesy of Ryanair.

Once I can see the coast, I know I’m almost home!

There’s the runway!

Often the course is out to sea (towards North Africa), before swinging back inland to head to Malaga airport from the south.

Back over the coast, heading north this time.

Passing directly over Plaza Mayor shopping complex – nearly down now!

Safely landed!

Do you enjoy flying or do you just tolerate it to get from A to B?  Which countries have you just flown over that you would wish to actually visit?

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