“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

        Henry David Thoreau

Mist across nearby hills

Among the Impressionist artist Claude Monet’s most notable work is a series of 25 canvases called Haystacks.  The primary subjects of all of the paintings in the series are stacks of hay in a field, after the harvest season.   Monet  began painting the Haystacks at the end of the summer of 1890 and continued through to the following spring.  The series is well known for the use of repetition to show differences in perception of light across various times of day, seasons, and types of weather.

And, we can do just the same thing with photography. 

Returning to a place at a different time of day, in varying weather conditions, during another season or even many years later can result in vastly different photographic images, due to the changing conditions.

Irina Werning has captured some fascinating images at her Back to the Future project – why not take a look?  I’m sure you will have a laugh at some of them!

For this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge I want you to show me at least two photos taken of the same subject (slightly different angles are allowed, but it has to be obviously the same subject matter) taken at different times.

Will it be a person, changing over time?  Trees and flowers growing from newly planted to almost taking over your garden, or places you have travelled to that have changed dramatically since a previous visit?  GO AHEAD, SURPRISE ME!

Want to see my interpretation? 

Sunshine across nearby hills

Here is a view of the hills on one side of where I live.  As you can see, in this photo it’s a bright sunny day.

Mist across nearby hills

This is the same view in an evening when the mist has rolled up the valley from the Mediterranean Sea.  I love it when this happens as all I can see is cloud swirling below my castle in the sky!

Sunset over nearby hills

….and here is a shot of the spectacular sunsets we are blessed with, over the same hillside.


I first visited and photographed the Cathedral in Christchurch, New Zealand, a few days before it was destroyed by the devastating earthquake on 22nd February 2011 (photo on right). When I returned to New Zealand at the beginning of 2013, I was able to take the photo on the left, as Cathedral Square was open for a few days over the Christmas and New Year period when the workmen took their holidays.

Roman bridge and Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain

One of my favourite cities in Andalucía is Córdoba and here it is in all it’s glory with the Mezquita taking centre stage, as viewed from the other side of the city’s Roman bridge.

Roman bridge and Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain at night

And here’s the same view at night. Lovely isn’t it?

Click on any of the smaller images to view a slideshow

In this series of photos, the subject is the aircraft wing of the Ryanair flight I was on, coming into land at Dublin airport in Ireland.  As you can see, even though the subject remains the same, the background has changed considerably and we were greeted by the most amazing sunrays peeping through the clouds.


This month’s CBBH Featured Blogs:

** Lady of the Cakes lives in central Spain, in the beautiful city of Toledo and offers “vignettes from a multi-lingual, cake-eating freelance existence”.  In a recent post, Simone shows us around some of Toledo’s Palacial Patios which are accessible once a year, and for one week only (during the Corpus Christi celebrations), when a number of private houses open their patios (inner courtyards) to the general public.   Of course, this is Don Quixote country, so you might enjoy reading The Weekly Don Quixote Series.  Simone always holds my interest with her posts, shares some fantastic photos and often has me in stitches at some of the antics she gets up to.  I’d love you to pop along and say HOLA! 

** Lynsey at La Rosilla – Lifestyle and Food like me, is a British expat who moved to the Axarquía region of southern Spain about eight years ago.   A passionate home cook, and self-confessed “cook book whore”, Lyndsey celebrated World Sherry Day last Sunday with the opening day of this season’s Supper Club.  This multi-talented and super-busy lady not only offers cooking classes to visitors, but also finds the time to deliver ready-prepared meals for special occasions.  Check out Lynsey’s delicious delivery delights for a nearby villager on Mother’s Day, recently.    Mmmm …. think I might have to book into La Rosilla for a Supper Club celebration soon!

Conejo Blanco BLOG HOP Photo Challenge

So that´s the CBBH Photo Challenge for JUNE, everyone!

Remember, all you have to do is post your entry by the end of the month, tag your entry ‘CBBH Photo Challenge’,  link back to this blog and, most importantlydon´t forget to add links to any two blogs that you´ve commented on during the past month, so that we can all HOP OVER and have a look.  Make sure you FOLLOW THIS BLOG so you don´t miss next month´s exciting challenge!

For more information on how the CBBH Photo Challenge works click here.

I hope everyone taking part enjoys the exposure the CBBH Photo Challenge offers to featured blogs and, who knows, you may end up finding a new favourite!  I´m looking forward to seeing your interpretations.

[CBBH logo Image credit: (cc) Mostly Dans]


68 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: SAME SUBJECT, DIFFERENT TIME

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  3. Beautiful pictures and a fantastic idea for a challenge. Just like last month, I’m able to submit my post on the last day of the month! Here is my interpretation of this challenge. Can’t wait to see what July brings. I’ll be in Paris and Brittany so hopefully I can whip something up!


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    • Perfect! What a wonderful time you must have had in Paris, Paula. I think I took this very same photograph myself when we were visiting Paris in March, last year – but that was during the daytime in lovely sunshine.

      Thanks for sharing links to two great bloggers – Madhu and Jo’s blogs are two of my favourites 🙂

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    • Gorgeous photos of Ponte Romana, Jo – the reflections in an evening are wonderful aren’t they?

      I LOVE bridges – I’m sure I will do a CBBH Challenge all about them, one day!

      Thanks for sharing two blogs you enjoy – I don’t know either, so that’s where I’ll HOP off to, right away!

      Well done 🙂

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  11. This is such an interesting challenge, Marianne. I can’t wait to see the other results. Your shots are fabulous! Cordoba is one of my favourite cities too . Visiting the mesquite was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life … and I am not religious.

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  13. This challenge was seemingly made with your portfolio in mind, Marianne. Your shots of the mountain are beautiful, while the capture showing the mist rolling up was stunning. Your photos also showed the impact of the earthquake on the cathedral. How very tragic! This was a wonderful response to the challenge.

    • Well, if I’m honest, it WAS made with this portfolio of photographs in mind. I keep thinking I had some others that I’ve forgotten to include, though!

      Thanks for your kind comment, John. Always much appreciated 🙂

  14. it’s a wonderful idea. I agree with the earlier comment how sad the sight of the Christchurch Cathedral Tower is. Amazing to think you have been there twice and can have some sense of the city now and as it was.

    • Yes, very sad indeed. A wide area of the city was still being demolished when we were there in January. Once that is all completed, then the rebuilding will commence, I guess.

      There was still lots of debate about whether or not the Cathedral should be demolished. Many say the building is not structurally safe, but worshippers want to keep it. It’s a very hard decision to make 😦

  15. This is a very interesting and different challenge, Marianne. I’ll see what I can come up with. Your before and after pics are wonderful, especially the ones taken from your home. 🙂

    • Thanks Sylvia – I tried to come up with something this month that might make us all think a bit when we take our photographs, to make us realize how different light can transform a subject.

      I’m sure your post will be amazing!

  16. That mist certainly creates a stunning shot, Marianne! And I love the bridge at Cordoba too.
    Don’t suppose you’ll have to think too hard about my subject matter for this challenge. 🙂

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  18. Well this post is pretty impressive! You’ve done some impressionist photography to rival Monet’s haystacks. My favourites are the very first two, the same hills in sunshine and shadow.

    • Awwww Trish, you are too kind. **blushes**

      It was fun thinking of this subject though and I’m looking forward to seeing what people have to offer.

      Thanks for taking the trouble to comment – always much appreciated.

  19. Marianne, this is a marvellous idea and with a bit of luck I might be able to get some ‘other time’ shots so I’ll be able to participate from somewhere or other this month.

    Your images are terrific, as usual – the Mezqita and bridge at night is gorgeous, and the sunset from your house, and the mist rolling in, and so sad to see the Christchurch cathedral tower, just disappeared … Now, two brand new blogs to visit – another treat. 🙂

    • Hi Meredith – I know how busy you are with your move. Good luck with that. Both a sad and exciting time for you, no doubt.

      Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Yes, extremely sad to see Christchurch. Even two years on, after the earthquake, it still looks like a war zone. There is much to do, with estimates for rebuilding stretching to 15 years 😦

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