All Things Bright and Geometrical

Sunbeams in the Mezquita, Cordoba

Last week, it was my great pleasure to pay a return visit to the Mezquita in the UNESCO Historic Centre of Córdoba,  where I was delighted to capture these dazzling sunbeams making their geometric patterns against the famous red and white arches.

Isn´t nature wonderful?

This post is my response to the WordPress Photo Challenge: GEOMETRIC ; Travel Theme: BRIGHT and this week´s Sunday Post: WONDERFUL.

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76 thoughts on “All Things Bright and Geometrical

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  5. Now that IS clever ! 🙂 Mystical even …
    Isn’t it *wonderful* when a Challenge fits a photo so perfectly or is it the other way *round* oops
    Have *bright* weekend M 😉

    • I have to admit I stood for quite a while, mesmerized by the sunbeams. I took a few other photos from near and far of the same subject. Of course, that gave me the idea to look for other sunbeams as they entered the Mexquita – so all-in-all I´ve not got quite a collection 🙂

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