WordPress Photo Challenge: Renewal


Where the land meets the sea, marina del este, Spain


To paraphrase Avery Sawyer in Notes to Self  –

I couldn´t imagne living in a place that wasn´t near the sea.  

It´s like a giant reset button. 

I can go to the edge of the land, see infinity and feel renewed.


This post is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal


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62 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Renewal

  1. A breath-sighingly wonderful image, and words to go with it. One of the consolations of my 25th floor city office work environment is the view of the harbour… sometimes it’s necessary to gaze and let the water view work its magic.

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    • Here´s how – go onto a travel website, book the first available flight to Málaga airport, and I´ll meet you and take you straight there! 😉

      Thanks for your comments and for your continued support, Dianne, much appreciated.

  3. Beautiful shot and quote, Marianne. At 3 miles away, this is the furthest I’ve ever lived from a Great Lake my entire life. Though not an ocean or sea, they do offer a wide expanse of water to watch and contemplate. Amazing how calming its effect can be.

    • OH absolutely John – and some lakes are so huge it´s difficult to believe they don´t go on forever.

      We all need to take the time to contemplate from time to time, to be mindful of our surroundings and our lives, and to appreciate the many simple pleasures all around us.

      I have always been grateful to live so close to the sea.

  4. I always look at your work with one eye closed and dream about how inspirational you are. So true!! Well done- the sea and sun rejuvenate me as well.

    • Wow! What a huge compliment. I am humbled by your comment. Thank you so much.

      Maybe it´s because the sun and sea have always been there to oversee what´s going on throughout the whole world. They carry the secrets of past generations and gently whisper them to us to calm and renew our souls.

  5. I could use that now, Marianne 🙂 – But as I can’t walk and living on a second floor I just have to dream… and what a renewal it would be. Thanks for you being you

    • Then look at my photo and imagine seeing that view, with the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, and hearing the waves lapping at the shore, Mariane.

      Sending you all the warmth in the world 🙂


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