Salmon fillet with a zingy coconut and coriander crust and leeky mash



Salmon with a zingy coconut and coriander crust

Now that summer’s here, I’m always looking for fresh and inventive ways to tickle the old taste buds.  So, I came up with a delicious twist on a seasoned favourite.

I’ve noticed recently that in the cool-display near to the fresh fish counter at Spanish supermarket, Mercadona,  they now have what they call “Plancha de Salmon, sin espinas”  – larger pieces of salmon fillet (without bones), usually weighing around one kilo.  At €12.50 per kilo, it’s not only a saving of a few euros over the smaller pieces, but no fish bones to contend with either.  Result!

Salmon without bones, for sale in Mercadona

I cut the salmon into portions, sprinkled some lemon juice over them, and put them onto a plate in the microwave on a low setting for a few minutes, until they were well on the way to being ready.

In the meantime, after peeling some potatoes to make the mash, I put them on to boil and, in a separate pan, gently fried some leeks in butter – until they had just softened.

Home-grown red chilli peppers

For the zingy topping, I didn’t want to use breadcrumbs so I mixed together some grated coconut (coco rallado), finely chopped one of these lovely little chilli peppers I grew in the garden last summer (which has been in the freezer ever since), half a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, a dessertspoon of mayonnaise, freshly-chopped coriander (cilantro) straight from the herb garden, a twist of black pepper and enough milk to ease the mixture so it was spreadable.

All I had to do then was carefully transfer the salmon fillets onto a baking tray, spread the zingy topping mixture over the salmon and pop them under a medium grill.

Adding the leeks to the mashed potato

Whilst keeping an eye on the salmon, I mashed the potatoes and added a little milk and butter then gently stirred in the softened leeks.

After three or four minutes, the crust on the salmon was just starting to brown nicely, so it was time to serve the leeky mash into bowls and drape the salmon artistically on top! 

Salmon fillet with a zingy coconut and coriander crust

This crust topping will work equally well on any white fish or chicken.

Why not give it a try? Let me know how you get on, won’t you?




42 thoughts on “Salmon fillet with a zingy coconut and coriander crust and leeky mash

  1. I saw a coconut in the supermarket yesterday and thought about this recipe. Had to use chile flakes as I had no fresh, but otherwise I followed directions. Very tasty, I shall try to remember to make it again. Do you buy coconut ready grated or fresh? Thanks.

  2. Oh my! This looks delish. I’ll definitely have to try it! Though I think I might like bread crumbs more than coconut for the crusty topping. Thanks for sharing Marianne.

  3. Mmm…you’ve given me an idea! I don’t ‘do’ mayonnaise, so will douse my fillets with olive oil, and throw the dry ingredients on top, plus squeeze of lemon juice then cook the salmon in Remoska … I think it will work fine. I did a black pepper, sea salt, Demerara sugar and parsley concoction the other day – simple and tasty.

  4. I hadn’t noticed those salmon pieces Marianne. I won’t pay the price they want for the small pieces so I have been buying whole salmon for 7 or 8 euros a kilo and preparing it myself, dividing it into portions and freezing it. But your way is a whole lot easier and probably works out to a similar price when not paying for the waste. I shall give your recipe a go – all my favourite ingredients. Muchas gracias!

  5. Wow, that looks so delicious. We’ve bought that fillet, perfect for a special family meal. I love both coconut and coriander, but have never tried the former in savoury dishes except curries – kormas are popular in my house. And the microwave idea is brilliant! No grill here but few minutes in a hot should do the trick. Itching to try that crust now – will report back 🙂

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