The Bullfighters’ Chapel, Ronda

Bullfighters' Chapel, Ronda, SpainHere’s my interpretation of this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Foreshadow, which is a verb meaning  to act as a warning or sign of indication of a future event”.  


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16 thoughts on “The Bullfighters’ Chapel, Ronda

  1. Marianne, great photograph and very clever. This is a ‘sombre’ foreshadow!
    I wonder if the bulls have their own private chapel round the back?

    • A nice idea, but I doubt it, sadly.

      I must admit, that whenever they show a bullfighter being gored by a bull on Spanish TV, I always give a big cheer (as long as he’s not too badly injured). Does that make me a bad person?

    • I’m sure you’re right, EllaDee – but, somehow it still came as a surprise when I came across the tiny chapel.

      Thanks for your lovely comment – much appreciated.

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