Following the tapas route around Torre del Mar

Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

From 1st May until 1st June, Torre del Mar is hosting the third “La Ruta de la Tapa” (Tapas route) around the town.  With 24 establishments taking part, and a drink plus tapa for only 2 euros, it’s a great way of trying out some new places to eat.

Here’s how to join in the fun!

  • Choose one of the bars and restaurants taking part, and when you go in mention that you are taking part in La Ruta de la Tapa.  You will be served with a specially prepared, gourmet tapa and offered a choice of drink.
  • Ask for a Tapas Route Passport and have them stamp it.
  • Each establishment is numbered and shown on the map on the back of the Passport.   Follow the route around Torre del Mar.
  • Make sure to get a stamp in your Tapas passport for each new place you visit and eat one of the special tapa.
  • When you’ve visited all 24 establishments, hand in your completed and stamped passport for a chance to win 300 euros!

Here are some of the tasty (and not so tasty) tapas I’ve enjoyed so far this month:

Vintash - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

This is “Bacalao en tres textures con muselina de alioli”  which is a cod-fish tapa from Vintash, Avda. Andalucia esquina con C/Bateria (and one of my favourites, so far!)

Las Yuccas, Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

Next is “Volován con morcilla de Burgos, queso de cabra y piruleta de chocolate blanco con chorizo”,  a black pudding dish with a white chocolate lollipop from Las Yucas, Avda. Andalucia 64, dup. (Yes, another favourite).

Bar Centro - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

Café Bar Centro, Calle del Mar 25, offered delicious Spanish ham with “Coca de pan de cristal con Ibérico”.

Brujas - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

The tapa at Brujas, Paseo Maritimo, Ed. California IV bajos, is “Redondo de verdura, queso y salsa de arandanos” – delicious vegetables, goat cheese and cranberries  (and yet another of my personal favourites!)

20 de Tapas - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

“Delicias de primavera” is Spring-time on a plate at 20 de Tapas at Avda. Toré Toré.

Mi Mundo - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

“Mini brochetas de polo braseado con salsa Tikka Masala y patatas artisanas” is a delicious chicken curry dish from Mi Mundo, Avda. Toré Toré 16.

A Lareira - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

“Roll relleno de pollo y setas silvestres, con reducción de vino de Málaga y virutas de foie” is another tasty chicken dish from A Lareira, Calle Pasillo Batería, 7.

Casa Andrés - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

“Brocheta marinera con verduras en tempura y mahonesa de marisco” , is a delicious fish-skewered tapa from Casa Andrés, Paseo de Larios 36.

El Rincón de Paco - Ruta de la Tapa, Torre del Mar

And last and, in my opinion, very much the least, is “Bacalao Rincón de Paco” offered by El Rincón de Paco (Number 11 on the tapas route) on Paseo Maritimo.  On paper it should have been OK (cod), but it was drizzled in loads of unidentifiable sweet stuff, and what the bright pink and green things were, I don’t know!   I left my glass of red wine (vino tinto)  which tasted like vinegar – so all in all they will be getting 0/5  **Shudder**


So, these are the bars and restaurants I have visited so far on La Ruta de la Tapa in Torre del Mar, but I’ve lots more places to visit before June 1st.   Wish me luck!  

Which of these tapas would you like to try?  Or, if you are in La Axarquía and joining in – which is YOUR favourite tapa?


FYI … there is a similar Ruta de la Tapa going on in Nerja during May, too.  Click HERE for information 🙂



48 thoughts on “Following the tapas route around Torre del Mar

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  3. Some of these are true works of art! Beautiful photos, too! I’ll stick with the old-fashioned but basic and delicious tapas … boquerones y patatas bravas, muchas gracias!

  4. The one that appeals to me the most is “Redondo de verdura, queso y salsa de arandanos” But they all looked wonderful. I love tapas when I visit Spain and like trying something different.

    • We took some friends out on the Ruta de la Tapa last night – and visited Brujas, where your favourite one is, Darlene – because we loved that one, too 🙂

      We’ve found some great new places to visit 🙂

  5. These tapas are a far cry from the typical, simple (but still totally delicious) tapas you can usually find at a Spanish restaurant around town. They are gourmet to say the least! I live in Antequera, another pueblo of Malaga, and I must say that reading your blog is giving me all these ideas for my weekend plans this month. I’m very happy to have stumbled upon it 🙂

    • They ARE very different from the normal, every-day tapas, but each bar or restaurant is making an effort to do something really different …and with GREAT results, I might add 🙂

      Glad you’ve found me!

  6. Sorry but for me this is not authentic Spanish tapas as we have known them over the years. It all looks lovely – but is produced for the tourists. It’s far to glamorous and goes against the ethos, spirit and origins of the true tapa bought in a typical bar. I will be avoiding it like the plague.

    • It’s true that these are “gourmet” tapas, Jack – but it’s a way of show-casing each bar – which has their normal everyday tapas to consume, too.

      I’ve been going to Cafe Bar Centro for 9 years now, and I think they are fabulous usually – but to be honest, their “gourmet” tapas was the least favourite I have tried. Love their ordinary tapas though – habas con jamon, ensalada rusa, boquerones, etc 🙂

      Thanks for your opinion, Jack – always welcome 🙂

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  8. What a great idea, and sensibly priced. The 2 seafood taps appeal to me but they all look delicious. Sydney has a Good Food Month in October, I would love to see them include something like this 🙂

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