Usually Hidden and From An Unusual POV

Dama de Noche on a rainy day in Spain


We don’t see this beautiful little flower very often because it is usually hidden in the daytime and opens during the hours of darkness to release it’s beautiful perfume.  I’ve written about the Dama de Noche (or night-scented jasmine) before, but it made an appearance today because we had heavy rain for most of the morning, and have had a dismal, cloudy afternoon.  The poor plant must think the evening is upon us already!

Still, we have had a long hot summer and the ground desperately needed the rain.  I know that the sunshine will soon be back 🙂

Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to photograph raindrops on the flowers from An Unusual POV, which just happens to be this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge!

Have YOU had a Silver Lining, recently?


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44 thoughts on “Usually Hidden and From An Unusual POV

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  2. Do you know what I admire about this photograph? It is the way you have been able to capture those water drops and the reflections visible on them Almost as if there resides a complete world inside each of the drops.Do fairylands exist here?

    Great post.


  3. Ha! You’re making me feel so at home with your rain 🙂 Sunny here today (-ish!)
    I thought at first that they were what we call “tobacco plants”- exactly the same flower but much bigger. (must be the rain 🙂 )

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  6. You makes the most of the Dama’s grotty little flowers whose wicked perfume makes you swoon. The water in your photo brings the blossom to life. I can just hear our little rill gurgling in the distance which means my lettuce and tomatoes will survive another week!

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    • We have a few clumps of plants dotted around the house because the perfume is so lovely.

      Sadly, I think you are right – I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like the frost 😦

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