Through the lines and patterns of the Real Alcazar, Seville

Looking through the lines and patterns of the Royal Alcazar in Seville, Spain.

This is my contribution to this week’s Worpress Photo Challenge: Lines and Patterns and the Travel Theme: Through 



80 thoughts on “Through the lines and patterns of the Real Alcazar, Seville

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  2. That maze! Oh I love seeing the garden in the palace. Although, i wish to see it just by myself or maybe a bit few people. Ahihihi what odds that happening? 😀 Have you the awful Knight and Day? They filmed the last part in Sevilla

      • Much nearer, which is probably the problem, Marianne! We’ve only done it on day trips and if you drive into the city you’re sick (if you’re the driver- i.e Mick) before you start. Someday we’ll do a proper weekend.
        Incidentally, Michael is adamant that he hasn’t got time for Tavira before we go to Barcelona in November. The business is busy and he can’t afford to turn work down. I’m still working on him 🙂

        • We’ve stayed in a few times and there’s always something new to discover. Love Cordoba, tooi!

          Not sure of our dates for Portugal yet, as I have to wait for the swimming pool water to get down to 20C – but it’s usually around 3rd week in October. Heading to the Algarve first (meeting up with Allyson from The Algarve Blog) near Portimao before heading north!

    • Hello Ioanna – lovely to hear from you. I’m having trouble with certain people not showing up in my Reader 😦 Don’t seem to have seen you around for ages. Hope you are well 🙂

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • I still prefer the Alhambra over all – but our recent visit to the Alcazar for the first time was lovely. We’ve been to Seville a few times before, but hadn’t seen the Alcazar …until now 🙂

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