At the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea

Entrance to the Mediterranean Sea

The Rock of Gibraltar, one of the Pillars of Hercules in Greek mythology, has a strategic location on the Strait of Gibraltar where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea, with Europe to the north and the continent of Africa to the south.

Standing at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar it’s magical to look across the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea towards Morocco in North Africa – only nine miles away!

I hope you´ve enjoyed this spectacular entrance, which is my contribution to this week´s Sunday Post.

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52 thoughts on “At the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea

    • I think it’s even more beautiful because of the significance of its geographical position – plus it’s somewhere we all know about, isn’t it?

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Sonel – much appreciated.

      • Absolutely hon and indeed. I would sure love to travel all over to photograph beautiful sights like that. 🙂 You are very welcome. *hugs*

    • Yes, I was very lucky with the weather. Gibraltar isn’t somewhere I visit very often – more usually it’s when we have visitors staying with us. Still, it’s a different kind of day out, taking them to another country!

  1. I loved this post as all of yours. Is that a house towards the top? Can you imagine? Thanks for adding to my wander lust account : ))

    • There is another viewing platform a little higher than the one I took this photo from, which you can see the square shape of near the centre of the photo, above where it says

      If you mean at the top right of the Rock – well, no it’s not a house – it’s too small, but maybe it’s something to do with communications – or even just a rock. I don’t think there is access to anywhere higher than the other viewing platform – but of course, I’m no expert.

    • Well, I’m sure there are entrances as grand, but I guess as another commenter has said, it’s the significance of this place that makes it so magical.

      And it IS a great view of another continent, too!

      Thanks for your comment and for your continuing support of my blog. Much appreciated, John.

    • Thanks Christine. Yes, this is a special place full of (especially military) significance.

      If we have time, I always try to take our visitors there, because it is such an unusual place.

  2. Clever you! Loved it – used to enjoy passing it, on the way west and well remember standing there, looking across to Morocco, wondering if I’d ever get there. (Yes, i did. What a trip. From the other side, coming back, we were too busy cleaning and re-cleaning the car, touching up our makeup, trying to coax our hair into demure styles ready for Franco’s welcoming party – those were scary days.).

    • I’m glad you got to Morocco – I’ve been too, but only on a three day visit to Tangier. I’ve yet to explore the country in depth.

      Sounds like you had quite a trip, Meredith!

  3. Don’t think I’ve seen it taken from that angle and it’s a superb shot. Fine entrance indeed, Marianne. I hope to tootle down there some time this year. (I’m always hoping 🙂

    • Thanks Jo – I hope you get chance to visit yourself. It’s worth catching the cable car up to the top and then wandering around for a while. That’s where this shot was taken from.

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