Flowering snapshot of a January day around the garden


Following on from my previous post showing you the beautiful almond blossom, I thought you might enjoy a flavour of the delights of a day in January, east of Màlaga – garden style!

What does your garden look like on a January day?

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63 thoughts on “Flowering snapshot of a January day around the garden

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  2. One of my favourite things to do is take a walk with someone around their garden… I think these are flowers/plants that also grow in Australia… so I feel right at home… but your January day looks far more glorious than the grey day I see out my window here 🙂

      • In the week or so we’ve been back, temps have been mid 20’s C a few days, mid 30’s and mid 40’s (Friday last week) but constant humidity… We’re back up the coast for 4 days this weekend & it looks to warmish early 30’s forecast. We still have Feb, and usually we get hottest weather then.

  3. oh such loveliness on this bitter cold morning here in the frozen tundra….where it’s a whopping 9 BELOW (F)!! as you can guess, my garden is asleep for the winter 🙂 but it was nice to see all your lovely photos this morning. thank you!!

  4. We are not there yet, Marianne. Weather sure has been erratic from our end. But thanks for showing us that some areas are just doig fine. Giving us a sense of excitement that spring will come eventually.

  5. I do enjoy looking at flower posts. I have the bird of paradise growing in my garden in Townsville, North Queensland. I did not realize they grew in Spain as well!

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  7. Gorgeous!
    To answer your question, my garden has many of the same flowers in bloom right now! I don’t have that amazingly pretty purple shrub (in your photo dscf6813) and I don’t know the name either! You can bet I’ll be researching it though…I want it!!
    Great post

    • The two later purple shots are from the same plant. It’s a good climber – great for hiding something you want hidden – and attracts the bees. It’s one of my favourites because I love the colour purple 🙂

    • AAwww Christine – that’s the only one I don’t know the name of! It’s a climber and grows very dense (and quickly) with lots of beautiful purple flowers. It’s quite unusual, that’s why I picked it!

  8. Even though it will be months before anything blooms in our gardens, it is definitely nice to see these pretty flowers. After all, our Spring will not come until after yours has arrived. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that Winter is only temporary.

  9. I do like that shot of the strelitzia in front of the hill! Here it’s winter – the water lily and lotus have finished flowering, but the araliya – Temple Tree, they call it, the frangipani is flowering beautifully, dropping its great white confetti on the ground each morning. You’re back home in Spain, or still in New Zealand?

  10. Garden? What garden. It’s January, which means it’s winter here in Canada! Lots of snowing. No flowers in the garden. You are lucky to live in such a warm climate, where it’s sunny all year round! What kind of flowers are those purple ones at the bottom (the last photo)?

    • I just knew that someone would ask me that! I know the names of all the others, but for the life of me can’t think of the purple one! If it comes to me, I’ll let you know …. sorry.

      Of course, it was our choice to move from the cool, rainy climate in the UK to Spain – so from that point of view, at least, we made our own luck. It is delightful though to have warm sunshine all year round.

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