Frigiliana: Beautiful white village

Frigiliana, Spain

I shared this photo on my Facebook page yesterday, of the stunning white village of Frigiliana and it went VIRAL!

Many of you don’t have Facebook – so I thought you might like to see it here, too.

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A Peep-show for 20 cents? I know just the place!

Near to the entrance of the old part of the village of Frigiliana is this rather splendid coin-in-the-slot “mechanical theatre”, known as La Casita de Información y La Fantasía (The House of Information and Fantasy).   You might remember these old-fashioned machines from when you were a child – you know the kind, where your coin makes the clown inside laugh manically?

Well, the one in Frigiliana isn’t an old machine, but a more modern version, crafted in the old-style way by a collaboration of artists known as Arte-matico de Bernado y Amigos.  

There are two quite large mechanical theatres back-to-back within the casita, both featuring marionettes, with one entitled “The Moor and his Parrot” and the other “Carmen and Dolores”.   If you were to put your 1 Euro coin into the slot (it’s 2 Euros if you’re a millionaire!), the former will talk about the history of Frigiliana, whilst Carmen and Dolores, depicting two old ladies from the village, chat together about “the good old days”.

So, what about the peep-show, I hear your scream?

Blue door with peep shows, Frigiliana

Look out for this blue door on Calle Alta (and notice the sign on the wall up the side street)

Well, you’ll have to climb up the steps to the upper part of Frigiliana and, as you wander along Calle Alta, keep a look out for this blue door.  

Can you see the peep-holes?

This time you have a choice of two peep-shows in the door – El Milagro de La Vida (The Wonder of Life) or La Esfera Mágica de Cristal (The Magic Crystal), and the good news is, that even if you are a millionaire, the price is just 20 cents!

The third show, to the right of the blue door will set you back 50 cents (also with no additional cost for rich folk) and this is called The Marvellous Seaview (Merveilleuse vue sur mer).

 Did you notice the sign on the wall, up the side street beside the blue door?

Well, here is the fourth (and final) peep-show in the upper part of Frigiliana village – The Fantastic Harem (Harem Fantastico).  This time, for us poor folk, the cost is 50 cents, (there is a reduced rate of 20 cents – but it’s not very clear how you qualify for that), whilst once again, the millionaires have to pay one Euro.

So there you have it!

What’s the cheapest peep-show YOU’VE ever seen?  On second thoughts – don’t answer that!


Looking across to Frigiliana

Across to Frigiliana, Spain


Whenever we have visitors staying with us, we always take them for a scenic drive along the back road from Torrox pueblo to the beautiful white village of Frigiliana.

The views across to Frigiliana and Nerja are stunning! 

This photograph was taken from the terrace of Los Caracoles Restaurant and Hotel.  Towards the bottom left you can see the white village (pueblo blanco) of Frigiliana and, over to the right, the nearby town of Nerja, with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

This view never fails to take my breath away …. no matter how many times I see it!

I’ve never posted any black and white photos before, but I wanted to show support for a new venture set up by my blogger friend, Sonel.   I hope you will, too!


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Travel Theme: Walls

For sale


These colourful items were for sale in one of the little tourist shops in the pretty village of Frigiliana.  But you also get a glimpse of the beautiful tiles adorning the lower part of the wall on the outside of the building.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

This post is my contribution to this week’s Travel Theme: Walls


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