Sayalonga: The narrowest street in the Axarquía

Callejon de la Alcuza, Sayalonga, Spain

As my contribution to this week’s Travel Theme: PathwaysI’d like to show you Callejon de la Alcuza in the white village of Sayalonga in southern Spain.

With a width of only 56 cms at one end, this is officially the narrowest street in the Axarquía region.

As you might imagine, there’s not much of a traffic problem here!

Callejon de la Alcuza, Sayalonga, Spain


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59 thoughts on “Sayalonga: The narrowest street in the Axarquía

      • Marianne, I’m excited to go anywhere you’d like to take me. I really consider myself lucky to get to meet you and see the place you love through your eyes. I know whenever I had visitors to Oman, I loved showing them my favorite places and being thrilled when they enjoyed them. 🙂

  1. how often do people think they are skinnier than they are and then they get stuck? and when they are stuck, how the heck do you get them out of there? oil them up and flick them out with a spatula?

  2. 🙂 I have once crossed a similar path in my country.. very much like this one. I wonder how they carry their furniture around when they are moving in :O

    • Sayalonga is a pretty little village, a bit further inland than Algorrobo. I’ll be writing about another interesting feature of the village very soon, too 🙂

      You should try to visit sometime, Serena.

  3. there,s a street in my home city in exeter called parliament street which is 25 inches at the narrowest point

  4. Oh, just the thought of “no-traffic” certainly made me smile Marianne and what an amazing shot! I love the cobblestone patterns. So creative! Thanks for sharing hon and have a lovely Sunday! *big hugs*

    • A lot of the pretty white villages around here have lovely cobblestone paths throughout the streets – it’s something of a feature around here 🙂

      Thanks Sonel – always much appreciated. x

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