Pretty in Pink: The Almond Blossom of Andalucía

Almond blossom in AndaluciaCan you see some of last year’s almond nuts still clinging to the tree?

Nature provides a wonderful backdrop to life here in Andalucía.  There are the brilliantly coloured wildflowers in Spring, the snowy peaks of the winter mountains and the baking heat of the summer sun.

But perhaps the most stunning display of them all is happening right now – the blossom of many thousands of almond trees carpeting the valleys and slopes like freshly fallen snow.

It´s a sight to behold!

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38 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink: The Almond Blossom of Andalucía

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    • Hmmm it’s surprising that we are so far ahead. I would have thought maybe a couple of weeks.

      Actually, I’ve never had almond soup – I’ll have to look out for that!

    • We have over 50 almond trees on our land, the majority of which blossom with pale pink flowers, though others have white blossom. I haven’t got to the bottom of what the difference is, other than either variety or natural variation.

      It certainly does make the countryside very beautiful indeed, John.

  3. Nice photo Marianne! We have some trees already flowering round here but it is very early as normally in Valencia it is nearer the mid end Feb or even March. If we get it this early it can be a disaster as heavy frosts kill the flowers and prevent fruit form developing…Up until it seems winter just hasnt arrived.Need some rain!

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