The First Almond Blossoms of the Year

First almond blossom in Andalucia, 2014

We’ve had to wait two weeks longer than usual in our garden, but they’re finally here ….. the first almond blossoms of 2014.

Flowering time: Early January to end of February.

Which flower do you always look forward to seeing in the garden?

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29 thoughts on “The First Almond Blossoms of the Year

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  2. Hi Marianne,
    Our trees over here in Southern California are all blooming early this year. The Magnolia trees in my neighborhood started blooming in December (instead of January)

  3. Great photo Marianne ! I love it when the blossoms go deep pink and all the wild flowers and wild herbs are under foot in the Axarquia, we planted our first Lemon tree last year and had lots of tiny Lemons when we left in December, so will be bringing Gin next time !

  4. What a great capture Marianne! I love blossoms as well. Around here we don’t have much fruits tree, except for the Avocado tree and they have tiny blossoms. I love it when the Fairy Irises open. Thanks for sharing this beauty and have a lovely day hon. 😀 *hugs*

    • We have an avocado and olive orchard next door, too – so lots of opportunity for photographing trees, blossoms and fruits.

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Sophia 🙂

  5. We just planted an almond tree last year so hopefully that has started to blossom. Won’t know till 10th February as that’s the next time we are out in vinuela. I really love seeing the early flowering of plants in Spain. Wish we could bottle it up and send some to the chilly uk.

    • I wonder if it will flower this year, being such a new tree. It often takes a couple of years before the blossom appears.

      You will be in for a treat with the almond blossom when you arrive in Viñuela 🙂

      I’ll have to work out a way to bottle it to sell 🙂

    • Like you Irving, we have some young almond trees at our casa not far from you (hamlet south of Canillas de Aceituno). We too have to wait until we visit again (7th Feb) to see if the trees are blossoming. Can’t wait!

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