Welcoming the rain in Spain

Cómpeta in the rain

Our first autumn rain arrived today and it´s been a good kind of rain.  I took the above photoraph this morning from the Mirador overlooking the village of Cómpeta, which  shows a different kind of scene than the last time you saw it.

Often, at this time of year, after a hot summer, our first rains come in the form of  huge thunderstorms and we are deluged with so much water that most of it runs off the parched earth without doing much good.

Yesterday we had grey skies, and this morning we were first of all treated to gentle rain which gradually became harder as the morning progressed.  It´s stopped raining now, which is good because there is opportunity for the water to be absorbed into the earth before the next rainfall.

I only wrote about the water level in Lake Viñuela last week, and whilst there wont have been much difference made this morning, we are expecting heavy rainfall over the next couple of days.

Not only did we enjoy the rain, but this little chap had a great time too.  He´s a regular visitor and usually hides amongst some plant pots near the house, often digging down into them, dislodging the contents.

Garden toad, Spain

UPDATE –  29TH SEPTEMBER:  Yesterday (Friday 28th) we experienced very heavy rain, with lightning and thunderstorms throughout much of the day.  The Axarquía area, east of Málaga, suffered less than surrounding areas, with up to 77  litres of water per square metre of land.  Today has been cloudy with showers, but a normal service of wall-to-wall sunshine is expected to resume tomorrow 🙂 

Click here to see videos and reports of flooding from other parts of Málaga province.

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42 thoughts on “Welcoming the rain in Spain

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  2. People are like praying for rain, people in Europe. Us in California, at least here in SoCal, as far as I know, had one rain this year.

    By the way, the Spain riot pics I saw all over the place was pretty graphic! Yikes!

    • In Spain, the rain doesn´t fall during the summer at all, usually. By the time the autumn rains come, the ground is very hard and dry and often the rainfall runs off as it can´t penetrate the ground – causing flooding.

      Hmmm the austerity measures are biting hard now. There are demonstrations in Madrid, but all is peaceful here, east of Málaga 🙂

    • He´s quite big – but as far as toads go, he´s probably pretty average. I did get down on my hands and knees on the gravel, right in front of him, for this shot – so I expect he looks larger than life!!

      Did you look at the comparison between the rainy shot and the previous shot from the same vantage point I took earlier in the summer? Monte Maroma in the background was completely hidden yesterday with low clouds.

      It´s raining again as I type this – we are due heavier rain today and tomorrow.

      • Some people are afraid of frogs – you can probably chase them around with that frog – it looks big enough to have extra scary potential, lol.
        Busy looking for it, thanks.
        Here’s it’s also raining but not as much as there. Enough thought to prevent me from running this morning – that’s not good!

    • Thanks EllaDee! Oh yes, I can vouch for the toad being quite a character – especially when he upends the pots with seedlings that my hubby has recently planted and then goes to sleep inside the pots 🙂

    • I didn´t have chance to wait for the cloud patterns to shift as it was raining as I took the shot, but the mountain backgrounds can make for very dramatic cloud formations. I´m pleased with how it came out though – quite a change from the one earlier in the summer 🙂

      Thanks Sally 🙂

    • That´s the problem with the first rains, isn´t it? Yes, we had good rain yesterday, so that should have helped, but we are due some heavy rain today and tomorrow. We will have to see if the topsoil gets washed away – hope not.

      The rainbelt is moving north, Linda – so not your way this time. Hopefully soon 🙂

    • I usually enjoy the first rains with some trepidation! I always hope for gentle rain first, which we have had now – it´s when the really heavy rain starts I always worry about landslips because of the mountainous terrain.

      Heavy rain expected today and tomorrow …. we´ll see 🙂

  3. Superb shots!
    Rains are not always this pretty here. The roads flood and the power almost always shuts down for a while! So the heat and the rains are like the devil and the deep blue sea 🙂

    • Because of the mountains, the clouds usually make for quite dramatic photos around here, though if we have huge thunderstorms instead of gentle rain we can also get flooding. Of course, it´s quite a different kind than if the land was flat. Looks as though we are going to have heavy rain today and tomorrow, so I expect we might lose our electricity for a while 😦

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