East of Málaga: The Weather in Autumn

View across to the coast, east of Málaga,  in autumn

Towards the end of August we usually start to look forward to some relief from the long hot summer. This year, we were hoping that the autumn thunderstorms would arrive on time to bring some relief for the parched ground.    The normal pattern would be that these first autumn rains arrive anywhere from mid September to early October. This year has proved to be an exception, as by mid October, we still await a break in the weather.

Typically the warm sun continues towards Christmas-time with a few rainy periods in between.  The autumn and early winter sun can be surprisingly warm, but this year has proved warmer and drier than normal, with virtually unbroken sunshine and temperatures between 24-28C, which would make a beautiful midsummer day in northern Europe.  A by-product of this has been brilliant clear blue skies.

Looking east from the Balcón de Europa, Nerja

What is certain is that, together with May and June, the climate here during September and October can be the most pleasant of the year. Visitors from the north would still be wise to take similar precautions against the sun as in summer, but the nights are more comfortable to sleep with overnight temperatures in the range 15c to 18c compared with the low to middle twenties Celsius during July and August.

All in all, it is a wonderful time of year to visit our area to the East of Málaga.

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