There´s always sunshine through the clouds

One of the things I love most about living in southern Spain are the mountains.  They always make the views spectacular, both morning and evening, as the sunlight falls across the ridges of the nearby foothills, but never more so than when it rains.  It´s always a delight to watch the clouds surging up the valley from the Mediterranean Sea between the ridges – almost making it look more like smoke than clouds.

Clouds across the nearby hills look like smoke - Malaga, Spain

Clouds spilling over Mount Maroma, Cómpeta, Spain

The past few days have been cloudy and raining, so in between the heavy showers, I have tried to pop outside to capture the raindrops on the flowers and trees, as well as the rapidly changing cloud patterns.    They are so pretty.  Isn´t nature wonderful?

Raindrops on bougainvillea

Raindrops pooling on a lime tree leaf

Raindrops on puple passionflowers

Clouds spilling over the hillside at sunset in southern Spain

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40 thoughts on “There´s always sunshine through the clouds

  1. So beautiful so gorgeous! It’s been ages since I’ve been out east of Malaga. Such gorgeous photos of the raindrops on the flowers. It never occurred to me to go out and take photos of the rain. (Probably more likely to have caught photos of rain on buildings than on flowers though hehe, since I live in downtown Malaga!)

  2. Beautiful images. I love the way the clouds hug the mountain, and the purple passionfruit flower. You have such a talent in being so aware of and capturing the elements and nature of Southern Spain’s mountains. BTW, a copy of The Secret River by Kate Grenville was literally at our feet in the book shop this morning, and thanks to your comment on my Matthias & Eupham post it’s relevance signficant to us 🙂

    • The way the clouds hug the mountain makes the rainy grey days (not that we get many of them) worthwhile, because of the ever changing scene all around. It´s also fun to try to capture the raindrops on the plants and trees.

      OH I´m glad you came across a copy of The Secret River – I really enjoyed reading that book 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, Ella 🙂

  3. Fabulous photos, Marianne. Where exactly are you? My sister-in-law is just south of Granada in the Lecrin Valley and I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out with her there. Are you near Nerja?

  4. Gorgeous photos, Marianne. You made me think of that song from ‘My Fair Lady’, “The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain.” 🙂 Now I’ve got it in my head for the rest of the evening. 😆

  5. Wow, Marianne! These shots are stunning. As we approached the Costa del Sol, a storm front was passing through. I saw those clouds seemingly hanging onto the mountainside. So beautiful to see and you’ve captured it perfectly here. Well done!

  6. Marianne, the photographs of the mountains are so moody. I love them! And the picture of the rain on the bright green leaf really stands out. What I love most about your blog is the way you capture the beauty of small things.

    • …and the fluid weather situation changes so rapidly – it´s truly wonderful.

      Thanks for your comment, Sally, I try to see beauty in most things if I can, and if I manage to get that across in my blog, then I´m a happy bunny! 🙂

    • I really miss the mountains (and the sunshine) when I make a trip back to the UK.

      You´re right, Paddy, the Spanish countryside is so diverse.

      Weren´t we clever to have adopted Spain as our homeland? 🙂

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