There´s always sunshine through the clouds

One of the things I love most about living in southern Spain are the mountains.  They always make the views spectacular, both morning and evening, as the sunlight falls across the ridges of the nearby foothills, but never more so than when it rains.  It´s always a delight to watch the clouds surging up the valley from the Mediterranean Sea between the ridges – almost making it look more like smoke than clouds.

Clouds across the nearby hills look like smoke - Malaga, Spain

Clouds spilling over Mount Maroma, Cómpeta, Spain

The past few days have been cloudy and raining, so in between the heavy showers, I have tried to pop outside to capture the raindrops on the flowers and trees, as well as the rapidly changing cloud patterns.    They are so pretty.  Isn´t nature wonderful?

Raindrops on bougainvillea

Raindrops pooling on a lime tree leaf

Raindrops on puple passionflowers

Clouds spilling over the hillside at sunset in southern Spain

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The autumn rain has arrived – finally!

Our first autumn rains fell last week and came as a welcome relief for the parched earth.  Although we have had a few rainy days, we have also been rewarded with lots of sunshine too, reminding us what a wonderful time of year this is.

 [Image courtesy of Salobreña]

The cooler night-time temperatures, along with several days of intermittent rain were just the catalyst required to bring the first snowfall on the Sierra Nevada mountains, to the east of the Axarquía region.

Axarquía´s highest mountain, Maroma, still remains snow-free, as the Sierra Nevada mountains are over one thousand metres higher.

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