Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: The One-Armed Lady of Málaga

Málaga Cathedral has only one tower - the other is as yet unfinished

Málaga Cathedral was constructed between the early sixteenth and late eighteenth centuries and has one very unusual feature.

Have you spotted it yet?

Although the Cathedral´s North Tower is 84 metres high, making this building the second-highest cathedral in Andalucía, after the Giralda Tower in Sevillethe South Tower remains unfinished.

A plaque at the base of the tower informs us that funds raised by the parish to finish it were used instead to help the British colonies (which later became the United States of America) to gain their independence from Great Britain.

This unfinished state has led to the Cathedral being known affectionately as “La Manquita”, which translates into English as  “The One-Armed Lady”.

This post is my response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

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29 thoughts on “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: The One-Armed Lady of Málaga

  1. I was there only a week ago on holiday and I didn’t know about the plaque either. It’s a stunning cathedral too and a real example of the wealth of the Christian Church in Europe. sadly I didn’t get to go inside but maybe next time. I’m pretty shocked to learn that it isn’t even finished either. I’m surprised the Spanish government isn’t footing the bill.

    • Did you manage to see it lit up at night, Adam?

      Pity you didn’t manage to see inside, though there is a 5 euro fee for entry unless you go on a Sunday afternoon when it’s free 🙂

      Somehow, I think being unfinished is part of it’s charm!

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  3. This is why history fascinates me. You never know what tidbit of information will be revealed once you get past the idea of history being a series of dates. This is a great response to the challenge and thanks for today’s lesson.

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  5. What I wanted to say is already said by your first comment. Very well done post with the information. I hate it when people don’t include any caption on their photos. Without it, it’s just senseless. And this is why I love blogging way better than Facebook. 😀

  6. Fantastic photo and interesting story! I’ve never been to Malaga, though I visited a part of Andalucia, but this captured my attention……Looking forward to visiting soon! Muchas gracias y hasta prontito!

  7. I definitely remember this about the Malaga cathedral. If you go up to the Castillo de Gibralfaro or the Alcazaba and see the view of Malaga, the missing tower of the cathedral is very obvious! I studied abroad there for three months and a half in 2008 and the tour guides were always quick to remind us about the missing tower and the “manquita” nickname.

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