Travel Theme: Texture

Tree bark texture at the Jardin Concepcion, Málaga.

Botanical gardens around the world are often well worth a visit while travelling, and Málaga’s La Concepción Gardens are no exception.   Just to the north of the city, the stunning  Jardín Botánico-Historico La Conceptión has justifiably attracted a reputation for being amongst the best in Europe.

I´d been meaning to visit for a while, but somehow never got around to it, but this beautifully-coloured tree bark was just one of the many reasons why I´m so glad I did.  I´ll share the rest with you in another post, very soon!

This post is my response to this week´s Travel Theme: Texture


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63 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Texture

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    • Do you, Rommel?

      I can´t help myself – my hands just reach out to touch textures. I´ve done it before I realize – and sometimes I have to stop myself from doing it, unwittingly!

      • 😀 I did look at that picture, and it send cripples up and down my arms. There’s more texture I hate the thought of touching esp. my palm on smooth metal surface. Yikes!

    • Sorry I haven´t responded before, Marty. For some reason your comment went into my spam folder!

      OK, to make a click-able link (rather than just a URL address) here´s what you do:

      1. Go to the page where you want your link to divert to – right click so that the URL is highlighted and then left click to copy the URL address.

      2. Next go back to your Dashboard, where you are composing/editing your post, and highlight the words you want to make into a click-able link (so in your case it might be Travel Theme: Texture), put your cursor at the start of the first T of the word Travel and left click so it blinks there. Now left click again and drag towards the right until all the words you want to form the click-able link are highlighted and let go of the left click.

      3. Leave the words highlighted and now go right up to the top of your post – and just above where you started the main body of it, you will see two rows of buttons. On the top row, sixth from the right, you can see one that looks like links and if you hover your cursor over this it says “Insert/edit link”. Left click on that button and another box will appear. In the top box there, where it says URL, you will see http:// already highlighted in the box. I usually put my cursor into that box and delete http:// and then right click to paste the address I copied at step number 1 (above).

      4. Click “add link” – and that´s it! You now have a click-able link rather than a long string of words 🙂

      All you have to do now is click “update” to publish/edit your post to your blog.

      You´ll soon get the hang of it, Marty. Good luck – and let me know how you get on, will you?

      • Can you go into more detail Thanks I actually did all this and then when I got to the link part I thought I was doing the wrong thing and cancelled. I will try again. Both the pic from last week and the pic I am going to use this week are older ones, possibly seen on my blog earlier, but they are two of my favs. 🙂 I like this weekly challenge thing.
        Thanks again.

        • LOL 🙂

          Your comments keep going into my spam folder – they never used to – I wonder what´s different?

          The Photo Challenges are a great way of getting new people to see your blog. Apart from Ailsa´s Travel Theme (which is each week) I also started one of my own you might like to join in with. It´s called Conejo Blanco Blog Hop and it´s launched on the first of each month. You have a whole month to come up with a photo, but you also put a couple of links to other blogs we can all HOP over to have a look at! Watch out for October´s new theme on Monday.

          Better get practising your links, Marty 😉

    • It is beautiful bark, isn´t it? Thanks.

      AH – now you´ve caught me out! Sorry, I don´t know the name of the tree as this wasn´t one of the many named varieties, but just along a woodland walk within the gardens.

    • That´s what caught my eye, Dianne. The texture of the bark was so deep – a few inches thick. As I was approaching the tree it just stood out to me saying “Here I am!”. I couldn´t resist 🙂

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  9. Nice capture, Marianne!! I’ve always wanted to take photographs of tree barks but I haven’t found one that tickled my fancy. Maybe I need to do more tree exploring! Thanks for sharing! =)

    • I was really lucky with this one. We were wandering around the Botanical Gardens, when all of a sudden – there it was, right in front of me. I just couldn´t avoid it and it was too beautiful to not take photos of. 🙂

      Thank you for your visit and for taking the time to comment.

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