Capture the Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White

After being nominated by Islandmomma a couple of weeks ago for the Capture the Colour Competition organised by – I´ve finally got around to getting my act together!

The competition has five categories, one for each of the colours – red, blue, white, yellow and green.   Each category winner will receive an iPad3, and the overall winner will receive £2,000 to be spent on travel……which would come in very useful.

Despite having travelled extensively, I have decided to keep these photos within the theme of this blog, East of Málaga – except for one, which I took in nearby Seville.  So, here goes!


Bull run in Frigiliana, Spain

Surely you´ve heard the expression “like a red rag to a bull”?  Well, I think it can be taken quite literally during the Bull Run in the white, mountain village of Frigiliana.  This event is held each year, early on the Sunday morning of the Feria weekend, in June.  A much smaller version than the Bull Run held in Pamplona, both in terms of attractions and certainly in the size and age of the bulls, it is nonetheless no less exciting for those participating.  No bulls are harmed at this annual festival.

Notice that the guy´s feet are both off the ground and a blur as he nervously glances over his shoulder to try to ensure that there remains sufficient distance between him and the charging young bulls!


Orange Tree Square from the Giralda Tower, Seville

Here you can see El Patio de los Naranjos (Orange Tree Courtyard) within the confines of Seville Cathedral, viewed from the near the top of the spectacular Giralda Bell Tower.  What I particularly like about this photograph is that you can see the pointed shadow of the top of the Giralda Tower in the foreground and that the vivid green leaves of the orange trees are the only focus of colour, drawing the eye to them even more.

The Giralda tower is unusual to climb as there are no stairs, but ramps around the four sides, with viewing windows every three or four levels.   The ramps were installed so that in years gone by, horses could be ridden to the top.  Sure saves the legs up the 37 levels!


Overlooking Bermejales Lake, Andalucía

The framing structure overlooks the Presa de las Bermejales, a large lake (and man-made reservoir) situated in the west of Granada Province, o­n the northern boundary of the Natural Park of Las Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama.

This secluded spot, far from the usual tourist trail, is a haven of tranquility especially during the very busy month of August.  It´s a beautiful place to spend a peaceful few hours or days, enjoying nature at it´s best.  I love the way the silhouetted structure frames the layers of hazy blue mountains disappearing into the distance.


Making paella at Ayo´s restaurant, Nerja

East of Málaga wouldn´t be Spain without a giant-sized paella being cooked over a wood-fire at Chiringuito de Ayo on Burriana Beach in Nerja.   Surrounded by palm and banana trees, Ayo´s Restaurant is something of an institution, serving up delicious food for over 40 years.   There is no need to book a table but you will have to take your chances, along with everyone else, in trying to secure the next one coming free – but that´s all part of the fun!  Locals flock to Ayo´s in their droves to sample the mouth-watering paella,  there is always a great atmosphere AND you can can queue up for a second plate – free! 

Mmmm … you can almost smell it from there,  right?


Sea mist rolling up the valley from the Mediterranean

My final photograph was taken during Spring-time from my house in the countryside, looking down the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea.  Of course, the water isn’t visible as there is a thick sea mist pouring inland.

On days when the mist rolls in, there is a constantly changing scene.  Sometimes the white-washed fincas on the opposite side of the valley can be clearly seen.  Other times the cloud completely surrounds the valley below our villa and obliterates our view of everything.

This is a magical time.  It’s as if we are the only people on Earth and the house becomes “our castle in the clouds”!


I know there are only a few days left before this competition closes on August 29th 2012, and you may have already been nominated,  but here goes:

Diana at Canadian Travel Bugs   
Toby at Travels with Toby  
Tamara at A Foot in Two Campos
Rommel at The Sophomore Slump 
Emily at Emily Luxton

Which photographs would you choose for blue, green, white, yellow and red?

64 thoughts on “Capture the Colour: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and White

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  4. I do TRY to stay east of Málaga, if I can 🙂

    Don´t be upset about my Orange Tree Courtyard photo – no one will remember this far back anyway! That would be a perfect example of repetition for the CBBH Challenge 🙂

  5. I love your selections, Marianne, and congratulations for staying East of Malaga 🙂 I’m upset though, you’ve beaten me to the post with your beautiful shot of the Orange Courtyard in Seville – I’d thought of using it for your ‘Repetition’ challenge! Good thing I’ve been catching up instead of sorting through books, eh? 🙂

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  8. Thanks again for the nomination. I didn’t have time during the week and when I completed it today I noticed the fine print… contest closed Aug. 29. Oh well it was still fun.
    Thanks again.

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  10. hey! I could have sworn I replied to this but now I’m not seeing it? or it somehow didn’t post? oh anyway. thank you so much for the nomination. I did get mine in just under the wire!! I had trouble with yellow and changed it at the last moment. I love your photos here, absolutely love that shadow you pointed out. I may have missed that detail 🙂 but I think my favorite is the paella. We LOVE paella!! I think I may have to make some soon, this photo makes me hungry!! and I’d love to see one of these paella making sessions up close like that 😉

    • Glad you managed to sneak your entry in time. I know I didn´t give you much notice – sorry!

      Loved your green photo. Isn´t the Atarazanas market in Málaga fantastic? I would love to be able to shop there for fresh produce every morning.

      You´ll have to jump on the bus from Málaga and come and have a paella at Ayos with us, next time your are in Spain. 🙂

      • yes, that place sounds terrific!! we’ll have to plan that definitely! and actually? I had already seen an earlier entry from another blog that I follow and thought it would be fun to do. and then I had to go to Florida to take care of my elderly mother and well, I didn’t have alot of time to blog. so, no worries!!

  11. You have inspired me, Marianne! I was wondering how we would spend our last week-end of freedom (aka before school starts) and now I know: we are going sightseeing! We’re going to visit the wonderful villages of the Axarquía, I’ve never even been there before (except for Nerja and Maro), and they are so close. I’m one of those who tends to prefer very lively places, so we go more often to the Costa del Sol. I’ve lost the whole summer spending it cooped up inside working and I’m SO in the mood for a change! (Good thing weather’s just as great in the fall – but the kids have school now!)

    • ….but this IS the Costa del Sol – the eastern end of it, anyway!

      Where abouts are you Serena? How far will you have to travel to get here?

      I went into Nerja this morning and it has quietened down a bit since many Spanish tourists are gradually returning home after their August holidays.

      I´m sure you would enjoy Frigiliana – a few kilometres inland from Nerja. As you approach along the autovia – come off at the first Nerja exit and when you get to the roundabout turn left to Frigiliana instead of right to Nerja.

      How about a walk along the River Chillar?

      Or you could try following the footsteps around Comares 🙂

      If you need any more information just give me a shout!

    • The blue does have a calming effect, doesn´t it?

      I think we are all going to need lots of luck, judging by some of the entries I´ve seen!

      Thanks for the nomination, Linda.

  12. Great shots Marianne!
    Thanks so much for the nomination. I hope to get this together soon. Calling for a typhoon on Thursday so maybe no school 😉 then I can have some extra time to enter… otherwise it will have to wait until the weekend.

  13. I just keep thinking what a beautiful spot you live in, Marianne! And I’ve climbed the Giralda Tower- where was I looking? I don’t remember the orange trees… observant, that’s me.
    I’ve loved seeing everyone’s entry for this. So much variety. That blue’s still a killer shot.

    • Thanks Jo.

      You must have run up the slopes of the Giralda Tower, while I huffed and puffed and kept stopping and looking out of the windows to get my breath back! 😉

  14. Love all of them Marianne! The green is a brilliant shot, but my favourite is the Paella followed closely by that view from your house….so envious 🙂

  15. Great shots. The red one is my favourite. I’ve also participated for the fun of it and as you said, it wasn’t easy to pick which photos to use.
    Good luck!

  16. Awesome awesome entries! I’m not just saying that because you nominated me. I say it not only because I’ve been to Spain. (I got rammed by a bull in Jerez!) the pictures are so awesome because it’s very interesting. I esp. Love the paella caption. i didn’t know they prepare it that way. A big one from a wooden fire, that would be much more authentic than from restaurants! Your white picture is just oh so breathtaking.

    • …and did you also know that the yellow colour of the paella comes from the use of saffron in the liquid added to the rice mixture?

      There are so many white villages around here that my easiest choice would have been one of them for my WHITE picture, but I was blown away by the sea mist rolling in that I had to use that one instead! Glad you like it, Rommel.

    • Thanks Fiona – it was a difficult choice for many of the images. I had another shot that I could have used for GREEN, but it only showed the seed pod of a lotus flower in the Botanical Gardens in Málaga – so there was nothing to identify it to the location. That´s why I chose the trees in the patio 🙂

    • Thanks – it was a hard choice, but I got there in the end. I´ve still not forgotten about the one you nominated me for … I´ll get around to it shortly! 🙂

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