Málaga´s Botanical Gardens: Can you dig it?

Villa in Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Botanical gardens around the world are often well worth a visit while travelling, and Málaga’s La Concepción Gardens are no exception.   Just to the north of the city, the stunning  Jardín Botánico-Historico La Conceptión has justifiably attracted a reputation for being amongst the best in Europe.

The gardens were founded in 1850 by Amalia Heredia Livermore and her husband Jorge, the Marquis of Casa Loring, who travelled the world in search of tropical plants for their garden, in the centre of which they built an Andalucían mansion, complete with indoor courtyard.

Wisteria Dining Arbour, Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Wisteria Dining Arbour at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

During the Loring´s occupation of the property,  Finca La Concepción was well known for the dinner parties which took place in the Wisteria Dining Arbour, often followed by short walking tours of the gardens.  At the time of our visit, the Arbour was being prepared for a wedding, which must be a particularly spectacular setting in April each year, when the wisteria is in bloom.

Tree in flower at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Jardín Botánico-Historico La Conceptión was declared a historical and artistic garden in 1943, but fell into decline over the years until the garden estate, comprising 49 hectares of established gardens and surrounding forests, were acquired by Málaga City Council in 1990.  Following an extensive programme of renovation, the gardens were opened to the public in 1994.

Roman museum at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Steps leading to the dining arbout, Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Pagoda and pool, Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

View of Malaga city from Jardin Concepcion Botanical Gardens, Spain

As well as many thousands of plant and tree specimens, architecturally the gardens also contain a few memorable buildings such as the finca, a Doric-columned Museum of ancient Roman sculpture, a number of small bridges crossing waterways, and an Alhambra-inspired pool with pagoda, offering great views over Málaga city.

Garden sprinkler system at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Even on a hot summer´s day, it´s a pleasure to  enjoy the cool green shade and occasional sprinklers which may catch you by surprise as they irrigate the surrounding plants.  I was delighted to even capture a rainbow dancing in the water droplets.

Lily pond at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

The romantic, landscaped design transports you to a tropical paradise filled with waterfalls, streams, carved benches, lily ponds and thousands of plant specimens from all over the world.   Add to that the beautiful sound of birdsong, turtles, frogs and the occasional squirrel looking for something to eat, and you have found yourself a very pleasant way to spend a sunny morning.

Around the World in 80 Trees at Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

Jardin Concepcion, Malaga

We took about three hours to wander around the gardens, which includes the impressive “Around the World in 80 Trees” exhibit, showcasing trees from every continent.

To find the Botanical Gardens (driving from the Axarquía, east of Málaga) take the Autovía towards Málaga, turning onto the A45  before the citytowards Granada, Córdoba and Seville.  After only a kilometre or so, you will see signs for the Jardín Botánico-Historico La Conceptión.  Exit the A45 at km 140 and follow local signs to the Gardens.  For further details of opening times and entrance prices, visit their website.

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68 thoughts on “Málaga´s Botanical Gardens: Can you dig it?

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  2. That’s a pretty awesome place, M – I’m sure you could lose yourself there for hours on end! I like the paw leg of that bench – best not ask where the rest went.

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  4. This blog overflows with great posts one after another. The best SET of images you ever had, Marianne. Awesomely framed images, and at the same time, not spoiling to capture the essence of the place. Splendid!

  5. It’s time to (re)visit these gardens! They are really really spectacular. The Facebook avatar that I have features my adorable little kiddies hugging each other (now, they are boys, so you can imagine how hard it is to actually catch them HUGGING each other!) in this garden.

  6. Fantastic, the only botanical gardens I have visited are the ones here in Córdoba and while they were nice they left me a little disappointed as some of the parks around the area have more to offer. However these gardens look fantastic, I must plan a little trip there in spring! Thanks for sharing Marianne 🙂

    • ….and these are only a few of the photographs I took. There are many such waterfalls and pools throughout the gardens.

      The most spectacular thing for you to see, Isadora, would be the Wisteria covered Arbour where the weddings are held. Absolutely amazing!

      Actually, whilst we were wandering around, I saw a lady who had set up her chair and she was painting one of the ponds filled with lotus flowers. 🙂

  7. Yet another reason to come back to Malaga! I love botanical gardens with their hidden paths and secret bothies. Your photos are wonderful – the little waterfall and round pavilion are gorgeous. Great places to take kids, too!

    • It was so difficult to choose which photos to publish – I had too many! One of the things I loved about the gardens is that there were lots of quiet, peaceful areas – and such diversity throughout the gardens.

  8. wow!! another place I need to visit 😉 Is there any public transportation that goes there? LOVE the photos, and most especially the one of the water lily. beautiful!!!

  9. If I wasn’t already married, I’d love to have my wedding in the Arbour, especially with the wisteria – pretty and a lovely smell.

    Great photos, and much better than Parc de la Ciutadella if these pics are anything to go by. I still love that place and have spent many happy Sundays there but I don’t think there’s as much variety.

  10. You’re right about Botanical Gardens being great places to visit, worldwide. Sad to say, when we’re young and foolish, we often bypass them which is why I didn’t even know these stunning gardens existed! I hope you’ll put a reminder in your diary for April so you can show us the Wisteria Arbour in all its glory – what a place for a marriage!

    • Thanks Sylvia – I was pleasantly suprised how cool the gardens were in the shade of a hot summer´s day. The pools and ponds were a delight and I was so lucky to catch the rainbow in the water sprinkler 🙂

  11. Aren’t they wonderful? I went pre digicamera days. Sadly!!

    Did you get to go inside that strange building (fifth pic down)?

    When we went round it was organised tours only (in Spanish surprisingly) but we got some great info and we were told the little building wasn’t normally opened.

    We got the bus from the city, around once an hour I think.

    These days I wander up to Gib botanical gardens which are 5/10 mins walk away 🙂

    • That´s the Museum of Roman Sculptures which was closed when we visited, too! There were lots of large Roman relics outside to one side and around the back of the building though – including an impressive mosaic pool.

      Well worth a visit 🙂

    • Sadly, I haven´t visited Parc de la Ciutadella yet (maybe next time I´m in Barcelona), but Málaga´s Botanical Gardens are an absolute delight.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Simon.

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