Playing the Spanish Markets

Busy market stall at streetmarket in Spain

Terracotta cazuelas at a Spanish streetmarket

Colourful purses and handbags for sale at a Spanish streetmarket

Olives for sale at Spanish market

Especially in these times of austerity, everyone is searching for a bargain. 

Open-air street markets offer a true cultural experience, where you can really get amongst the locals whilst trying to make your euros stretch that bit further.   Prices may not always be clearly marked so you may be able to negotiate a lower price.  It´s worth a try – you can always walk away.

The stalls are often covered with makeshift shades to protect the goods and customers from the fierce heat of the sun.

Huge fat onions at the Spanish streetmarket

Herbs and spices at a Spanish streetmarket

Many coloured tee-shirts on sale at the Spanish market

Fresh cherries only €2 per kilo at Spanish streetmarket

Spanish street markets are more informal than supermarkets, but bear in mind that the vendors are salespeople, not just cashiers, so they may approach you to sell goods you may or may not want.  Keep smiling!

Click HERE to discover where and when there are street markets in the Axarquía area, east of Málaga. 

Girls flamenco shoes for sale at a Spanish streetmarket

Nuts and dried fruits for sale at Spanish streetmarket

Lots of ladies clothing for sale at the Spanish streetmarket

Fresh fruit and veg for sale at a Spanish streetmarket

Colourful Spanish fans at the streetmarket

This post is my response to the Travel Theme: On Display

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69 thoughts on “Playing the Spanish Markets

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  2. OMG …. the colors are playful and bright. The variety of things you’ve dispalyed here are incredible. First, let me say that I found a Spanish fan at an antique ahop and had to buy it. I knew that I’d never get to Spain. I love it for when I am at an outdoor concert in the park and use it. People always glare. As an artist, I realize that I do unique things that people don’t often see. For example, I wear cotton or lace, white or black gloves in the evenings. The vegetables look so yummy and fresh,too. The olives – my favorites, especially if they are stuffed with garlic – are yummy. I could go on and on. I am ready to fly it all looks so scrumptious. You have done an amazing job in creating a feast for our eyes.
    Gracias …..

    • All the women here carry fans to match their outfits. I have them in many colours – and on the street markets, like the ones I photographed, you would only pay around €2 each for them!

      When I travel back to England I sometimes take a fan with me, and people stare at me when I use it – HA! LET THEM!

      I hope you do travel to Spain one day, Isadora. As an artist you would absolutely fall in love with the diverse scenery, culture, cities and way of life.

      Thank you for your very kind comment and continued support 🙂

  3. I love these images. They have truly brightened up my dull morning at work – I have enjoyed [quite] a few minutes whisked away to the other side of the world doing my favourite thing, wandering through a market, a fantastic market at that 🙂

  4. What colorful displays at this street market! I would be enticed by everything, especially those fans, the bulbous green onions, and those cute sundresses, not to mention those crazy polka-dot shoes. 🙂

  5. Oh….those olives! Those spices! Thank you for this post, Marianne. There are few things better than an outdoor market. If I could leap on a plane this rainy morning, I would!

  6. wonderful pictures! looks very similar to our markets – Loulé has a fantastic large market every Saturday like this – which reminds me – I need to go shopping! 🙂
    have a lovely weekend

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