When life gives you curves, flaunt them!

Casa Batlló, Barcelona

The curvy windows of  Gaudí´s fabulous Casa Batlló in Barcelona. 

Casa Batlló is a key feature in the architecture of modernist Barcelona.  It was built by Antoni Gaudí between 1904 and 1906 having been commissioned by the textile industrialist Josep Batlló.

Nowadays, the spectacular facade is an iconic landmark in the city, as well as being one of my favourite buildings in the world!

This post is my response to the Travel Theme photo challenge: Curves


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72 thoughts on “When life gives you curves, flaunt them!

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  11. Nice photo! It’s one of my favorite buildings in the world too. Even though I’m lucky enough to live right by it at the moment, I’m still so impressed every time I see it.

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  13. I’m not really familiar with specific Gaudi buildings, so thank you. This is beautiful – very nicely photographed, too, with the reflections, the angle & the evening light. If I lived near it I’d probably be worshiping at this altar! Reminds me of Frank Gehry, whose EMP building I was photographing in Seattle a few days ago. Oh for more curves in architecture!

    • Yes, I think that Frank Gehry could be described (in many ways) as a modern-day Antoni Gaudí.

      A couple of years ago I photographed one of Gehry´s buildings in northern Spain – the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. It was a dream to capture, though it´s fair to say that the building itself inspired, excited and captivated me more than the exhibits inside! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guggenheim_Museum_Bilbao

      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated.

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  15. I remember when I read his biography. They had one of his artworks at
    the Dali Museum, which I visited, during their Spanish Masters temporary
    exhibit. He was very unusual in his approach to art. Your photo showcases
    a beautiful example of his architectural avante garde artwork. I would be in
    awe if I saw it in person. A GREAT entry for the challenge but a greater image
    of art. ~~~~ : – )

    • That´s the word I´ve been searching for …. I was in AWE when I saw it for the first time, and I feel compelled to keep returning.

      Thanks for your kind comment, Isadora.

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