Photographs I love …. and why! [Part 9]

This is just one of a series of photos I have taken, and will share with you over time, capturing the essence of living east of Málaga.   Each one, in it’s own unique way, reminds me of why I love living in southern Spain, and in particular the Axarquía.

This is Calle El Zacatín, a street in the beautiful, white, mountain village of Frigiliana.  Here, the typical architecture of the village can be seen at its bestThe steep climb, profusely decorated with flowers and flowerpots reveal some of the original Arab layout of the village – winding streets, secret corners and adarves (little squares shared by a few houses and belonging only to them).

Calle El Zacatín leads to another gem in town: Barribarto, or the higher part of village, which can only be toured on foot, for its impossibly narrow streets make it impossible to drive.

El Zacatín is one of the most photographed streets in Frigiliana and is the original site of a Moorish street market, filled with merchants and artisans, over a thousand years ago.


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25 thoughts on “Photographs I love …. and why! [Part 9]

  1. And on one of those rooftops on the right hand side is the best place to eat tortilla de gamba’ and gambas pil-pil, cooked by abuela, overlooking Nerja and the coast…bliss.

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  5. We had a wonderful stay in Frigiliana in May. Recommend El Mirador for supper. An exquisite view as the sun goes down, great Sangria and lovely service!

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    • OH yes, you MUST visit Frigiliana during your visit, Roy.

      If you don’t mind me asking – where abouts will you be staying? I could maybe suggest a few places for you to visit if I know where your starting place will be. 🙂

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    • Well, they are coloured white to reflect the heat of the sun, of course. Plus, by law in these parts, all houses must be painted white.

      They DO look lovely from afar though, don´t they?

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    • Oh, it is. Frigiliana is a very picturesque village and has won a number of awards for its beauty and conservation. It’s well worth a visit if ever you are in this area.

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