A Sailing Weekend in Torre del Mar

Catamarans at Torre del Mar, Spain

I had great fun over the weekend photographing the 1st Copa de Andalucía de Catamaranes (Andalucía Cup for Catamarans) hosted by the sailing club in Torre del Mar.

The sun was shining and the sky blue, with just a breath of wind.

What a perfect place to while away a few hours taking photos, and sitting in the outdoor bar of the club-house watching the proceedings, chatting with friends, sipping chilled wine and eating delicious tapas 🙂


27 thoughts on “A Sailing Weekend in Torre del Mar

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  2. Beautiful photos, and a lovely way to spend a day. I love the idea of sailing but not the actuality but it is great to watch, especially the rainbow coloured sails, which I’ve haven’t seen to the same extent here 🙂

    • When we were in Sydney, 18 months ago, I remember photographing the colourful sails during the start of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht on Boxing Day. Now, looking back through the photos I can see that although there were a few individually coloured ones in blue, red or yellow – there weren’t many rainbow ones. Maybe these are the colours of the catamarans! Who knows 🙂

    • It turned out to be much more civilised than I had imagined it would be, David. We took along a picnic, sun chairs and an umbrella – but ended up leaving them in the car 🙂

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