Ten best footballers in Spain, today

Fan at FC Porto football ground, Portugal

According to leading English newspaper The Guardian‘s international panel of experts, and based on a combination of current form and overall ability,

SIX of the eight best football players in the world today play for Spanish clubs Barçelona and Real Madrid.

Each judge on the panel was asked one simple question: “Who have been the 40 best players in the world in 2013?”  When the results were collated, the newspaper produced their list of the 100 best footballers in the world.

lionel messiImage credit (Flickr CC): Rafael Amado Deras

Here then, according to that list, are the ten best footballers in Spain today:

1.    Lionel Messi  (Barcelona)

2.   Cristiano Ronaldo  (Real Madrid)

3.    Andres Iniesta  (Barcelona)

4.    Neymar (Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior)  (Barcelona)

5.    Gareth Bale  (Real Madrid)

6.    Xavi (Xavier Hernández Creus)  (Barcelona)

7*    Sergio Busquets  (Barcelona)

8.    Cesc Fabregas  (Barcelona)

9.    Diego Costa  (Atlético Madrid)

10.  Xabi Alonso  (Real Madrid)

*    Radamel Falcao (formerly of Atlético Madrid) was on the list at #7, but transferred to Monaco in mid-2013, so the players below him move up one place.

Even better news is that you can see some or all of these great players during your next trip to the AUTHENTIC Costa del Sol by timing your visit with a home fixture at Málaga football club. 

You won´t have long to wait either, as Málaga’s La Liga 2013/2014 season continues this coming Saturday 15th March at 5pm with a home match at Estadio La Rosaleda against Real Madrid.

Do you prefer watching sporting events LIVE, in person, or on TV for a better overall view (without the atmosphere)?



15 thoughts on “Ten best footballers in Spain, today

  1. Nice stats 🙂
    My son is a soccer freak! and I recognize one of his faves.
    I prefer to be at games. Love baseball and being there gives more of a ‘being a real part of it’ feeling. But we can’t get to many so I settle for the tv experience.

  2. SIX of the eight best football players in the world… Impressive!!! I think it’s much more exciting to watch the sport in person :), but we watch on TV a lot.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Marianne! I have never been to a fútbol match in Spain, but will be seeing Real Madrid against Inter Milan this summer in Phoenix, Arizona in the US before I head to Spain in September. I’m hoping to catch a match in Spain too.

  4. We saw Malaga at home to Real a few seasons ago [before Malaga had the money it subsequently didn’t]. It was an amazing night. Fantastic atmosphere, a sultry evening, great football. Real won, of course. Go, if you can! SD

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