Let Sleeping Giants Lie!

Sleeping Giant mountain, outside Antequera

Near to the city of Antequera in Málaga Province is Peña de los Enamorados (The Lovers’ Rock), which rises 880 metres above sea level.  This mountain is more popularly known as “Montaña del Indio” because it looks like the head of an Indian when seen from certain angles.  

I think it looks like the stone face of a sleeping giant.  

Can YOU see the “sleeping giant”? 

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61 thoughts on “Let Sleeping Giants Lie!

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  4. I see the sleeping giant and the Indian head – a majestic mountain. Where I come from there is near Burning Mountain the Wingen Maid, which resembles a reclining woman. The shapes and names of such things very much appeal to my imagination, still.

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  11. I could have sworn I commented on this early this morning? and my “like” wasn’t registered either. I’ve also not been getting my notifications. darn goofy! but, yes, I see the face!

  12. When I first looked at the picture, I thought “wow” but didn’t see the giant’s face. But once you mentioned it in your post, I could see it easily, and now going back to the picture, I can’t see it any other way! Anyway, it’s quite spectacular!

  13. I used to live in a house which must be around where that photo was taken, what an incredible view to wake up to every day!! Now we are over the other side but can’t see it anymore sadly. Wherever we travel to we always know we are nearly home when we see him!!!

  14. It always makes me smile when people point out similarities between rock formations and people, animals etc. In the Cueva El Aquila in the Gredos Mountains our guide pointed out King Juan Carlos, a Matador and the Virgin Mary but you had to have a very good imagination to make them out. On the other hand I can see a sleeping giant in your picture. I saw one in the USA once which supposedly looked like a sleeping Indian brave but I can’t remember where that was.

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