All the fun of the Ferias!

Viking ship at Torrox feria, Andalucia, Spain

The ferias are in full flow in the Axarquía region with the latest at Torrox pueblo last weekend.    By day, unassuming white Andalucían village – but by night, OH BOY is it a feast for the senses!

The bright flashing lights of the fairground rides, beautiful flamenco dresses, dancing, live music, the smell and taste of great food and drink, very late nights and, of course, the fireworks!

If you miss one of the nights, don’t worry there are plenty more, as most ferias take place over several days.

This coming weekend it’s Nerja’s turn, with the Feria held on the land between Carabeo and Los Huertos.  Full programme of events, HERE.

See you there! 

Do they know how to party, or what? 🙂

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43 thoughts on “All the fun of the Ferias!

  1. When I went to school for a year in Puerto Rico, we had fun days like this. They were called ‘Las Fiestas Partonales’. There was always a saint that was at the center of the celebrations. Each town celebrated their own saint and on different months so there was always a fiesta going on. YUP … they sure know how to have a party.
    This looks like it is lots of fun. Great post … love it.

  2. Well they certainly know how to do color, light and thrills… which you’ve captured exceptionally well. Good tools will only get you so far… what gets you further is talent like yours 🙂

  3. What amazing colors! I was in Spain several years ago for the feria in Sevilla. Unfortunately I was 13 weeks pregnant (poor planning) so was so sick I couldn’t enjoy the trip plus had to go to the loo all the time! Not fun for a driving trip through Spain! 🙂

  4. That is a feast for the eyes! So bright and joyful! We are having something similar to that right now called the Texas State Fair. They have a light parade at night. Hoping I can go before it ends. 🙂 Awesome night photography!

    • If I’m honest, one or two of the Viking ship did come out blurred, but in the main, I’m pleased with them 🙂

      I LOVE rollercoasters and fairground rides, but this swinging ship scares the **** out of me!

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