Seriously: Would you buy these products?

I often have a little chuckle to myself when I am shopping in a Spanish supermarket.

Seriously, would YOU buy some of these products?

Nelly hairspray

Nelly hairspray

Bonka coffee Bonka coffee

Bimbo bread

Bimbo bread

Colon detergent

Now, call me fussy, but I can’t bring myself to wash my clothes in Colon Vanish washing detergent!

Flota washing powder

or (possibly) even worse, Flota Spa washing powder!

Somat diswasher tablets

But, being a northern lass (originally from Lancashire in England), I always find some consolation knowing that at least I can always find Somat f’ert dishwasher!  LOL


Have you spotted any products in other countries that sound strange or amusing in your own language?  You will let me know, won’t you?  LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!

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65 thoughts on “Seriously: Would you buy these products?

  1. Pingback: What’s In A Word? “Bimbo” – Harmless, Sexist Or Racist…? | Lady Of The Cakes

  2. Pingback: What’s In A Word? “Bimbo” – Harmless, Sexist Or Racist…? | Lady Of The Cakes

  3. har dee har har! thanks for the laugh – needed that! as for the vanish colon, do you think it can also make a fat butt shrink?

  4. Ahhh, Bimbo Bread…takes me back to my travels through Central America…that, some peanut butter, and bananas got me through many a 8 hour (or longer) ride on a chicken bus on the beautiful, windy, i-guess-you-call-them roads…

  5. Great idea Marianne. Jealous I didn’t think of this first! I reblogged it on SFP (first time I’ve ever reblogged anything so well done you ;))

    I remember when I was trekking in Peru there was one lunchtime when we were all treated to canned ‘fanny’. On closer inspection it actually transpired to be tuna. Unsettling, but gratifying all the same…

    • AHHH …. so that’s two “firsts” for me on your blog – a reblog and the first victim of your Spanish Inquisition! Nice 🙂

      As regards your Peruvian tuna – well, I had to delete my initial response as, after all, this is a family blog! LOL

  6. They are funny aren’t they and they can still make me chuckle even after all this time. On arrival into Spain on Friday morning we stopped for a coffee at a service area. The guy who served us must have been christened Juan Carlos and he proudly wore a badge saying “Juancar”…I nearly choked on my cafe solo 🙂

  7. There’s a chocolate bar here called ‘Nut Kick’ – makes me laugh every time I see it! Even took a photo of it – to the consternation of the security guard!

  8. Is the Bimbo bread blonde I wonder (I am, blonde that is, but not natural like the bread claims to be, so I think I can ask that). My Dad is fond of saying “not on your nelly” “Nelly being a nickname ofor my stepmother, so that’s my answer to the hair spray. Decaffeinated coffee called Bonka, so it doesn’t send your bonkers… false advertising 🙂 All are wonderful. Great finds… and very funny 🙂

    • Bimbo is a Mexican company, but it has barely any markets outside of Latin America and Spain. For THAT reason, no doubt. In German-speaking countries, “Bimbo” is akin go “Sambo”, i.e. what a racist might call a random dark-skinned person. So, as a brand name, it’s just not going to fly in Europe…

  9. There was a British car called a Nova, I don’t suppose the Spanish speaking world would have been exactly rushing to buy one of those… ps I think Bonka coffee is actually Dutch, but it still makes you wonder why?

  10. LOL! I had to laugh at the “Bimbo” bread. Funny names indeed Marianne. The Colon Vanish could be good for a spastic colon… drink it and your colon will vanish! hahahaha
    Thanks for sharing hon! *hugs*

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